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First screenshots from PS2 Family Guy

guarantee you it's nothing like the show.

and even if it was, you be in the middle of playing and it cuts to a funny ass flashback.
This reminds me of the Futurama game all of a sudden :(
If there is a level with the car Peter used to compensate with, Im sold. :up:

"Don't worry baby, Ill be gentle."
Family Guy I like.

The concept of a game based around Family Guy, I dislike.

Anything for a bit of money eh?
All the cartoon shows did it it comes with success and the choice to market and liscence. It's all good
On the one hand the character models look pretty good...on the other, the levels look very sparse and generic. I'm not sure how well this is gonna work.

I hope it's better than the futurama game. Even though I thinkfuturama PWNS other animated comedies like south park, simpsons and family guy, the game was very poor, but at least it had a great storyline and cut scenes. I think that's probably the most we can expect here too (or at least great cut scenes since family guys plots are fairly disposable)
I'm guessing it'll be in the same vein as The Simpsons:Hit and Run.
Stewie looks to be having another "sexy par-tay."
terry78 said:
Stewie looks to be having another "sexy par-tay."


i dont know. some of the simpsons games were fun for a little bit, but its hard to see how they can base a game around family guy..... must see more before i make up my mind.
visually, it looks good.

i think might pick it up.
I will only pick it up based on reviews :)

Considering I don't pick up many games, I haven't got the time nor the money to be disappointed.
these types of games typically suck, but it looks cool
I bet it's better than anything EA does this gen, and yet EA will get bigger and richer :down
No, EA will at least make "Black 2" and put Martin Luther King Jr. on the cover, but they'll photoshop a tattoo and "bling" onto his face to appeal to the scum of our society (the hip-hop "urban" culture).

Also, EA is publishing Crysis, which won't be better than Halo 3 or even Farcry, but it will still be good.

However, 2K games, the publisher of family guy, has already surpassed EA by throwing us Oblivion and the promise of Starbreeze's "The Darkness". I know you didn't like Riddick (you're insane) but it will be awesome if it's anything like Riddick.
Crysis will be better than Far Cry I think, at least on the PC. Once EA's influence is felt and it gets ported to the PSOne and gets it's own tiger handheld though, it'll suck.
If it's going to be better than Farcry, it's going to be for the destructible buildings. It won't be for the levels though, Farcry rather founded the non-linear jungle, and Crysis won't have the same impact.

Also, it's important to remember that while EA is better on the PC than they are on consoles, they're still EA, and their recent FPS games, even from pretty good developers, have been rather crap.
Oh noes, a company who wants to make money! What evil bastards :(

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