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First Time wiping my laptop


Mar 26, 2001
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I find it a little funny.

I have had my HP Pavilion laptop for over 2 years, and I have yet to wipe it.
Today, I copied all my data to my NAS, and wiped it.

I am back online granted I have no apps loaded...Its quite funny, I reload all my other pcs...but I havent done this machine before

I am sure I will see some performance benefits from it.
can you break down how to wipe/format?

i have to do that to mine and i'm not completely sure how it goes exactly
First you need a VALID installable version of the OS...
Once you got that, you need to copy all your data OFF the pc...
I have a Network Attached Storage device, so its perfect for me.

At that point I wipe the PC and install the OS.
I think my Mac could benefit from that.
So basically save all your stuff, then reboot?
Yeah...get all data I want off it...format it...reinstall OS and drivers and software...

Then I can copy data back.
Yeah, definitely going to do that this weekend.

Wait.. I don't have OS. I have an OS X and a Leopard...
i've saved everything that i want to keep to my external hard drive.

and now i just gotta find my XP cd and serial number and get to reformatting :(

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