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Flag waving infants in the pursuit of segregation.

Cho Chang

Feb 4, 2003
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Flag waving infants in the pursuit of segregation.

O.K., here's the thing. Your flag does not ward off evil spirits. It doesn't protect you from having to defend a naive, ignorant, willfully blinded point of view in the face of a valid argument. Your flag does not define who you are and what you represent any more than your t-shirt does. You've a right and, in my opinion, an outright obligation to define yourself as "you" see fit. Your flag is a reminder to others of who's ownership you are under. Who your sponsor is. Your flag is a Nike Swoosh reminding those wearing a Volcom logo that you are different from them. That you belong to another team and that your team is better than their team for reasons that have yet to be explained to you, but look here's a flag, wave it. Die for it. Kill for it. Why? What do you mean "why"? ****in', look at all the pretty colours and ****. Look, there's a symbol on it, c'mon isn't that sweet. O.K. now go eat a bullet in the name of segregation. Oops, did I say segregation, I meant unification. You see cause once we kill everyone with different flags or get them to buy our flags we'll all be unified. There'll be no more war or disagreement of any kind because we'll all have the same flag, you see. Except for Blacks, Queers, Hippies, Women and the rest of those crybabies right, because they're always complaining. Like our team's not good enough or something. What do they want from us? Rights!? Yeah right, here, have a flag. You can design your own flags if you'd like, different from our now globally "adopted" symbol. Sweet, we've got someone to fight again. Everybody on our side grab a gun and a flag. Good, now everybody's dead except for us five. The white, identical quintuplets who all look the same and come from the same place. Woo-Hoo, just me and my brothers.

What do you mean you always hated "Everybody Loves Raymond" bro? It's so funny.

O.K. Anyone who enjoyed "Everybody Loves Raymond" for it's wholesome gags and comical family banter before we killed everyone on the planet, make a flag. Now, anyone who didn't like it, make a different flag. O.K. everyone grab a gun. *BANG*... Wow, thank God that's over. Finally, it's just me and my flag and nobody to dispute it. Think I'll go jerk-off for the rest of eternity.

Aren't we stupid.
Wow Chang you took the words right out of my mouth!

Good job guy.

Team America!!

my flag...

And just so you know, it does seem to keep intruders of of my property because, I think it's safe to assume that anyone who would fly a flag like that would almost undoubtebly have atleast one firearm in his house.:up:

Also I sometimes fly this one to when I feel extra cocky...

deemar325 said:
Wow Chang you took the words right out of my mouth!

Good job guy.

Team America!!

I'm on team nonsense.
Cho Chang, have you ever thought of suicide? Its almost 100% effective.

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