Flash: Marvel of Half-Time


Oct 21, 2014
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Summer Olympics DC Comics tale.



As the Summer Games fast approached, twins Amlan and Ajay Satan stood on opposite sides of the fence-game of world-securities for sportsmanship-peace in the post-9/11 era of lines for globalism-rhetoric and media-exchanges for capitalism theory/photo-synthesis, with one being the heroic super-speed (secret) superhero known as the Flash and the other a self-made chemical-poisons eco superterrorist who went by the name Marvel (hmmm).


AMLAN: I'm the Flash, and you're half-time ruined for any anti-Games agenda, twin.
AJAY: I'll keep your stranger secret, Amlan Satan; but I'm the Marvel Selfie-leviathan.
AMLAN: Me thinks you think you can disrupt what I can do for Earth's TV-stations.
AJAY: You're too slow; I'm at least half-time for your Selfie, twin.


Friends, Marvel was a real psycho-threat to the Summer Games, casting himself as something like an evil daredevil of lines to Earth-rhetoric deformities for world paranoia (wow). However, his goodly-twin superspeed superhero (Flash!) had to find the right half-time coins to intercede for the Olympics 'environment' and ensure that swiftness eroded a dark thief's chemical image of bad-youth photo-synthesis (sure!).


MARVEL: Doubt you'll get to a finishing line, twin?
FLASH: Never doubt the games of world art, terrorist!
MARVEL: I've planted some chemical greetings in the pools, twin.
FLASH: I don't doubt your bad-harvest; but I'm Western banks ready (for cleats).
MARVEL: We'll examine your eco-quarters (Selfie-like).
FLASH: Good (leviathan).

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Who'd carry the day in this drama of thief-terrorist making 'wage' against his goodly-twin (Flash!) for a Summer Games media 'theater' of incomplete world-transit securities adverbs? We all cheer for the Flash (now!) but worry for the fans' brain-chemical reactions to this Marvel adaptation of...certain cleats (wow).


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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