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Discussion in 'The Flash' started by jolldan, May 24, 2019.

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    Well another season done, I will be the first to admit it wasn't the best season of the Flash we've gotten but it had some highlight episodes for me like

    In terms of the characters im going to do a break down of them one by one.

    Flash: Barry's been fine I kind of understood early on in the season he was going to be taking a backseat for Nora's story so what we got of him was good, just felt a little underutilized at times in his own show. Only thing I think would have made an improvement was if they gave him more emotional scenes with Nora, it felt like Barry was usually playing the teacher while Iris was the parent.

    Nora: Nora feels like a roller coaster character, had some major highs and some real lows but glad they closed out her story like they did with a strong ending & her stuff flirting with the negative speed force was just great.

    Iris: Previous seasons I feel like I've gotten on at Iris but she was just good fun this season and felt like she's had some real good acting moments.

    Sherloque/Thawne: When they introduced this version of Wells I was like really? CW's really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for ideas now but he grew on me really quickly and by the end I was really sad to see him go. Cavanagh is always on point as Thawne just wish we'd gotten to see more of him.

    Cicada/Cicada II: Im not going to lie I wasn't crazy about Klein to begin with his delivery seemed ridiculously over the top at times and just his expressions were comical, he definitely improved though and he actually got a nice redemption arc before Grace killed him. Felt like Grace was more of a threat and overall just the better actor so wish they'd maybe introduced her a little earlier and I think the villain situation would have been better.

    Cisco: Surprised Cisco got his powers removed (especially after he just gave the most OP display of his powers ever) but after reading that the actor is leaving the show it makes sense as they will probably try and close out his story with guest appearances.

    Caitlin/Killer Frost: Enjoyed that we got more of Killer Forst second half of the season, the chase between her and her dad in ep 19 looked like it was straight out a comic book.

    Ralph: Is someone I feel has had a lot of development this season and im glad it was him not Wells, Barry or Nora who solved Thawne's plan it made him feel like real part of the team. Plus any mention of the book of Ralph nearly had me in tears lol. Am I reading too much in to it or did they tease a potential Frost/Dibney ship for next season?

    Joe: Insert "I am the captain now" gif lol so happy when Joe returned this season and now he's promoted to captain I've got to think that's him back for good.

    Cecile: She's taken this power of mind reading and really made it work comedically which I enjoy and the actress just seems like a lot of fun.
    Overall I think I have to give it a about a 7/10 as there was a lot wrong with this season but there was also enough good single episodes that I really enjoyed and a very strong emotional finale that I think is maybe the third best they've done so far. Here's how I rate it against the other seasons

    1. Season 1
    2. Season 2
    3. Season 3
    4. Season 5
    5. Season 4
    It goes 4th for me, Season 1 was damn near flawless imo, Season 2 is the second best they've come up with in terms of story and villain, Season 3 I feel Savitar was just a stronger villain throughout the season but had a weaker ending than season 4 for me.

    Interested to hear your opinions down below? How do you think this season went?
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    I just finished Flash S5.

    Nora. Even though she has stupid moments like Barry, I like her pluckiness and earnestness. She did a really good job in the finale in her death scene and last message.

    Iris doing some reporting **** and NOT becoming Felicity vol.2

    Thawnes subplot and his reveal /confrontation in the last episode. Made up for Cicadas shortcomings

    Ralph being a good support character ( I wish he had more combat time) I hope he at least stays as a recurring character next season

    Cisco getting some luv!


    Why was Joe missing for like 2/3 of the season? Was the actor sick or working on other projects? Joe West words of wisdom is the best part of this show

    The Killer Frost/Icicle subplot was introduced then seemingly forgot about until the last few episodes. And of course he dies. Then the mom will become Cold Chocha next season. So predictable. I was surprisingly expecting KF to kill young Grace in the finale in the old cabin after Nora got through to her especially since cicada 2 killed her dad. KF seems to be getting more diluted in her villainy/unpredictability.

    Cicada the first. In terms of costume design AND acting, this was the low point. A hoodie, breathing mask and red pants with voice processing make you a badass?
    Also, Chris Klein aka NASHOUT, trying to look intimidating is like me trying to look intimidating while constipated. The older Grace version was a little better due to her powers and being a slightly better actor. The dagger was better than he was lol

    I really didnt care for Sherloque and his romantic subplot. Seeing Tom as him and Thawne shows what his true role is on this show. Tom should only be Reverse Flash for the remainder of the show. Speaking of which, couldnt they offer any reason why he looks lke Tom instead of Matt Letscher(the blonde actor aka Thawnes true form)?
    Also, I think it was redundant for both Sherloque and Ralph to be there since theyre both detectives. Ralph could have got more screentime.

    Cisco taking the meta cure. I could see Barry/Caitlin doing it, but Cisco taking it especially since he has suffered relatively the least compared to the others (except Ralph). It seems hollow. IF he couldnt touch anyone like rogue or looked like Beast, maybe I could understand but it seems like an aritifical way to begin to write him out of the show next season. I predict he will be in a few episodes here and there and then will have a heroic death in next seasons crossover event.

    **Overall: 7.5/10**

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