*Fly Fussion Pen* Does anyone think this looks cool?


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Nov 10, 2006
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This pen(official website here) looks good and I'm thinking about getting this for Christmas to give to my nephew, who really needs help in school. Does this really help you learn and is it really what it seems? Do anyone have this or does anyone going to get it. I always see ads for this on the T.V. and I have been interested in this ever since.
Sounds pretty good, but I dunno. What ad doesn't? I wouldn't get one coz it's way too electronic. Ugh. Practicality FTW.

Plus they'll rake in all your cash with their special paper and software for its features. Blah.
My pen pwns that one.

Do any have this so you can share your thoughts on it.
Typing is faster and IMO nothing beats pen and paper. There are too many things that could go wrong (not pressing hard enough, running out of batteries, etc...)
I'd love to get one but its kinda pricey..Even if its just a damn pen.
Yes, it is more than $77, but is it worth?

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