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Fly in my fries

Why didn't you sue them for 100 Million dollars? :huh:

I was too stunned to do anything, i just walked over to the counter and showed them the dead bug. The manager came, took a look and said "can i replace the fries for you" i thought you want me to have some more flies??
no thanks and i walked out.

the fly is probably the best thing for you, nutritionally speaking.

Yeah, i heard somewhere in africa they make black pan-cakes out of flies.:dry:

I bet it layed eggs all over them and now you have fly babies inside you.

Which sounds like a rap song. "HEY MAN, dat baby so FLY!"
Can ya dig it?

I was worried about that too but its been two days and i'm still ok *burps..bzzzzz*

a six-piece chicken mcnugget at mcdonalds is only $1 for the next few days.

I hate to say this but my fried fly experience was from mcdonalds...

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