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For all your vB coding needs...


I got a rock.
Jul 26, 2003
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This just occured to me. There's a good chance that not many of you know about the little box at the bottom of the page. Well, it's very helpful for finding out what codes/tags you can use here, such as and [spoiler] tags.

[url="http://www.superherohype.com/forums/misc.php?do=bbcode"]This is the site itself. In it, you will find out how to post a link that looks like normal dialogue, like this paragraph is, as well as other things.[/url]

And here is the pic.

Sure. It had just occured to me how often those questions are answered, with the answers being right there.
Did you know that I have never made a thread?
Lucy Diamond said:
did you know that im under your bed?

Really, that might be a feet, seeing how I have a bed that sits on the floor. There is no post or frame..

But I like the jesture.
how do you make this pic?
I sent him a digital camera and that's how he does it....

No, seriously, this is how...
Joseph_Freefall said:
For screen capturing:

1. hit the "print screen" key on your keyboard

2. go to MS Paint (or Photoshop or any other image editor)

3. in MS Paint, go to "edit --> paste". Of you could also hit press CTRL V.

4, to go file --> save as. Now where is says "Save as type", change it to "jpeg" because the default (bitmap) saves the screenshot in an unnecessarily large file size.

And you're done.
This would be an AWESOME thread if the likelihood of people actually reading it and learning from it was higher than 6%. Nice work, Drak! :up:

Thanks, Jag.

Perhaps we should just keep this bumped constantly? Or even add it to the FAQs?
Drakon said:
Thanks, Jag.

Perhaps we should just keep this bumped constantly? Or even add it to the FAQs?

I vote for the FAQ option. It's too good to lose in the fray of other posts.

With the amount of PMs and IMs I've been getting about these, I thought it a good idea to bring this back to the forefront.
Bizzump, son!!

Bumping this because someone asked about sexy codes.

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