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Jul 16, 2002
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I know very little about Ghost Rider and I'd like to get into the comics so which are the best?
What the hell? Someone tell me some good trades to buy.
I'd suggest starting with the Resurection trade if you're interested in Dan Ketch's Ghost Rider...
Thanks :up:, I'm interested in both incarnations, my knowledge of GR is very limited,I know only the basics.
Annual #2
best story ever
But to start, yep Resurrection is the best.
Ann 2 is great, I agree. There are so many really.

If you're into Blade as well, I suggest checking out the Midnight Masacre crossover. It spanned the pages of Ghost Rider, Morbius, Nightstalkers, Spirits of Vengeance and Darkhold. It's one of the best stories involving GR... and he's the important one in saving the day.

I also really like the Spirits of Vengeance 23 issue run... especially issue 2 (or 3, I can't remember) which features the story of Skinner (one of Lilith's Lilin) who is an awesome character! Actually, most of the Lilith storyline is pretty darn good, IMO.
Lobo said:
Thanks :up:, I'm interested in both incarnations, my knowledge of GR is very limited,I know only the basics.

Well, since your interested in both incarnations and have gotten suggestions for Vol.2 reading, I have some suggestions for Vol.1 reading.
-Issue #35 -Death Race- is a great classic story.
-Check out -The original Ghost Rider rides again-- it's a 7 issue mini series that reprints the last 14 issues of Vol.1 (2 issues of original per issue) They are the best stories of the series plus it includes the issue that tells the entire origin of Vol.1 plus that mini series is a lot cheaper than buying the original last 14 issues.
Yeah, that's a great suggestion. Those issues are pretty darn good.

They also reprinted the first so many issues of the original Ghost Rider after that 7 issue reprint. It was simply called Original Ghost Rider. They'd be cheeper to buy as well... and maybe easier to find.
Thanks guys I'll be picking these up soon. When I'm done I'll let you all know what I thought and which version is my favorite :)
Fettstyl said:
-Issue #35 -Death Race- is a great classic story.

Interesting, that was the first ghost rider I had ever read.. my uncle gave me that one when I was a lil kid. =) I never forgot it and when I got a little older (actually, when I started having money of my own from lawn work, allowances.. crap like that) is when I feverishly worked towards getting every issue and crossover I could find.

I say get a lil piece of history and get some cheap copies of the first run. Great stuff =) has slashed their prices on lots of their issues lately, they would be who I would go through to grab some. I remember buying stuff from them through mail order when I was young.. probably got over half my VG+/NM copies through them.
The best GR issue ever by far is vol. 1 issue 35 the classic death race story! This is not only one of the best GR stories but it is one of the top 5 comics ever written. this was the first comic I ever read from cover to cover & I still own the same copy. This is also the comic that started my love for comics & now 27 years later (yes I'm an old 34) I have every GR ever made. This story ranks up there with Conan 92 "Thing In The Crypt" ( this story inspired the scene in the 1st Conan movie where Arnold finds the sword on the dead corpse) And Iron Man 150 when Iron Man & Doctor Doom :doom: go back to fight in mid evil times. I have read GR 35 to my 6 year old son at bedtime about 4 times now & he constantly asks me to read it so it is timeless. Pick a copy up on Ebay it's easy to find.
BATMAN34 said:
I have read GR 35 to my 6 year old son at bedtime about 4 times now & he constantly asks me to read it so it is timeless. Pick a copy up on Ebay it's easy to find.

you see..this is the kind of thing i want to hear. parents who grew w/ GR actually READING one of the classic 70s issues to thier child. that is cooler than cool :up:
and welcome to the Hype BATMAN34....always good to see another "old timer" here on the boards :p
That IS awesome! Getting the youngin's into the best character ever created is such a good idea. I'm sure you'll son'll grow to appreciate the character now that you've introduced him to it as such a young age. That's so cool BATMAN34.

Like BG, I'd like to welcome to the hype my Ghost Rider friend. Visit often.
What should I read if i havent read any of the Ghost Rider Comics ?
well the obvious place to start is your local comic shop or online store (like ) to get back issues.
some of the original 70s comics are starting to go up in value...maybe the 90s series too. BUT there was a reprint comic series in the 90s (to take advantage of the GR hype) that had alot of the most important issues from the 70s/Blaze series. those should still be fairly cheap to get.
titles are "The Original Ghost Rider Rides Again" and i think "The Original Ghost Rider"
Thanks for the info , i was hoping for some sort of reprint ( so they wouldt be so expensive ) thanks.
There's lots of reprints out there... including the two series that BB just mentioned.

A lot of the Marvel Comics Presents stories have been released as Graphic Novels or TPB's. Plus, the first few issues of GR2 has been re-released as GN, and a few arcs through the series like "Brood Trouble..." which features the X-men and GR together.

Check those out.
Hi, all. I was looking forward to the Ghost Rider movie, but now that it's delayed, I feel like getting to know the character while waiting for the movie's release. Any suggestions as to where to start?

PS: Bare in mind that I've never read any GR comic before, so make sure you suggest something that would get me really hooked! :p
The two best things to pick up if you've never read Ghost Rider would be The Essential Vol.1. It collects the first few years of the original Rider aka Johnny Blaze. The other would be Ghost Rider Resurected. It's the same type of collection, but for the 2nd/better Ghost Rider Dan Ketch. MSJ said the movie GR is a mix of the two riders, so check 'em both out. They shouldn't be more that $20-$25 each. Avoid The Hammer Lane like the plauge. Also, the new Ennis mini would give you a VERY brief idea of the origin.
Today I bought the Marvel Milestone reprint of the Marvel Spotlight that had the first GR story. Pretty good. You might wanna' check it out. 4 bucks.
Thanks, guys - you are most appreciated. Is the first GR story included in the Essential vol. 1 as well?
SolidRoar said:
Is the first GR story included in the Essential vol. 1 as well?

Yes, and essentials is a good choice. Or I would also suggest The Original Ghost Rider Rides Again miniseries. Its a 7 issue reprinting of the last 14 issues of the original GR (2 issues per issue). Its IMO, the best stories of ALL and also includes a pretty good synopsis of GR's origin along with a few details that are not included with the Essentials since they weren't revealed until later on. And you can get those 7 issues dirt cheap :up:
All I gotta say is get a list of Ghost Rider comics, point your finger randomly at one issue and start there. All of em are great!

Of course, I'm quite biased in the matter.

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