For the gearheads, behold the 2014 Corvette reboot


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Mar 8, 2004
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Corvette... the old man's car trying to cater to a younger audience. Kind of like Madonna, except she's not eligible for the parts upgrade.
Great looking car, but will probably be excessively priced.
That's what she said.
Well, it looks good, and it's kinda cool that they're using the name Stingray again.

Not sure if I would've recognized it as a Corvette without knowing it, though.
Not bad, but I prefer the classic lines and styling of older Vettes. This looks more Italian than American; like yet another Ferrari or Lambo clone.
Exactly. Remember when Corvettes looked like Corvettes?
I read most Corvette lovers hate the new design.
I think it's a great looking car.
Front end is too short. It looks like it has been tailgating parked semi's,
Looks like the offspring of a Ferrari and Camaro. What happened to re-visioning the cars to look more like the classics?
Doesn't really embrace the foundation of what a Corvette is, but it looks pretty sweet.
My man-thing isn't small enough to buy this car.

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