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Mar 31, 2004
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I haven't read it myself (I just copied and pasted this)
Exclusive: The Joker Intro For TDK

Date: November 6, 2007

By: Kellvin Chavez
Source: Anonymous

This evening, here in NYC, I had dinner with an executive high up on the Warner Bros. food chain in which we spoke about the on going WGA strike and our conversation changed to one of the most anticipated films coming out next summer.

The following is what he had to say on the introduction of THE JOKER in the upcoming THE DARK KNIGHT!


The Dark Knight begins with the Joker robbing a huge bank (we’ve seen photos of this everywhere). The bank is where the mob and all the gangs in Gotham keep all of their money. The Joker takes this money and holds it “ransom”. The Joker then says to the mob and the gangs of Gotham, “If you help me take down Batman, you’ll get your money back. If not, I’m going to burn it all.” This is how the Joker assembles his army to take down Batman.
hmm. sounds pretty awesome. and it sounds like something that would be true.
Pretty much how most of us expected the film to start.
yeah, bauer, as far as the bank part goes. i didn't know anything about holding mob money hostage. this is probably how the "gang war" starts. no one wants to work together, but everyone wants to find the bat.
Interesting. Previous speculation assumed that Joker is "hired" by the Mob to take Batman down after Batman/Gordon/Dent hammers them. Others (some media, for instance) thought Joker persuaded the gangs to follow him after what's left of the Falcone and/or Maroni empire falls apart. All this speculation came from the dialogue in the teaser.

But if Joker holds the money ransom to blackmail Gotham's gangs into getting Batman, that's about as Joker-ish as you can get. Not only does he antagonize the other antagonists (something he always seems to do in the comics), but he silmutaneously makes like hell for Batman while making the city figuratively tear itself apart. Joker is a force unto himself - he has no allies, at least, not any real ones that he won't double-cross. He should terrorize everyone - the Mob, the citizens, Batman, etc.
Someone go post this on the Jett "No Spoilers in the Spoilers Forum" message board! I would but Ive been banned numerous times :\
I really don't wanna read this....*peek*
no, it supposed to irritate jett and all the fans over there, seriously guys, if you don't like the man/site just don't go, but don't ruin it for the fans who go there
I love how intricate and complex this film seems (at least to me). It sure as hell aint like venom finding the sandman and the two randomly coming feels like everything is well motivated and strongly written.
Calling BS on this one.
Batman hammered them, and they turned to a man they didnt fully understand.
How does this jive with what Latino Review said?
Not at all.
And even though they do get scoops sometimes, this lunch with a "high up" or whatever sounds totally bogus.

Calling it.
Yeah I thought the Mob went to Joker for help not the other way around.
I don't trust them. Does anyone remember when they said they had the script? When they said they were gonna get the script soon?

Well. . . ? Where is it? Where is the script, Latinoreview? You NEVER HAD IT!
so like damn this puts light to why he is
robbing the bank
, but makes me wonder about everything else. Not really that spoilerish though
Why would the Joker have a grudge against Batman if they haven't met each other yet?
I like that last lines he said. Pretty crazy to have him
rob the bank, but not needing the money with wanting to burn it if no one get Batman for him.
Why would the Joker have a grudge against Batman if they haven't met each other yet?

I wonder that too.

I hope that quote isn't the exact dialouge in the film...because it kind of is a bit crappy.

But the idea of the Joker of using money as "ransom" is pretty ****ing amazing.

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