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FX's Legit Created by Jim Jefferies


Feb 15, 2012
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Anybody catching this?

It's been really great so far, never listened to any of Jefferies stand-up but I might pick it up based on this show.
Tonite's episode was awesome! And I gotta say as a massive fan of Jim's it's great seeing him in something and I gotta say his personality is transferring amazingly onto television IMO.
This last episode was GREAT. Loved seeing Jim teach that kid about stand up
Second season is off to an awesome start! Could not stop laughing the entire time
Billy (to Bible Group Lady): "HA, I've died like 8 times. There's NOTHING on the other side hehehe"

Sad to see this show go. Funny stuff. Better than a lot of the other dreck on TV.

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