GameFaqs Poll of the Day: What's the worst part of holiday shopping?

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Aug 10, 2002
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What's the worst part of holiday shopping?
Crowds. I hate being in close proximity to a large number of people. It drives me insane.
50 people in uniform, 1 person on a register - This is what annoys me most

Constant Christmas music on the loudspeakers - Usually have my headphones on, mostly to discourage employees to ask if I need help, but also the added benefit of not having to hear Christmas music

Fighting the crowds everywhere you go - I've stayed away from actual shopping malls and have done most of my shopping during lunch hours so haven't had to deal with too many crowds

Rude shoppers, rude workers, bad moods everywhere - See above.

Stores sold out of what you want to buy - Haven't experienced this problem yet.
I did mine in Octorber no problem at all.
I picked rude workers, rude shoppers, bad moods everywhere but I would have picked an all of the above if it were an option.
January credit card statements. I always spend way too much for Christmas.
I ****ing hate crowded places. Add cold weather and ice and snow to that and it becomes worse than Hell.


Rude people

It's pretty cool outside, so you have to wear a jacket, yet department stores and especially malls turn up the heat to at least 100 degrees!

Good thing already I did most of my shopping online this year and will only make 1 trip to the mall to pick up my girlfriend a gift!
i'd say its trying to find a spot in the parking lot , it gets brutal .
People working in stores with no holiday spirit :csad:
I work at Wal-Mart. The things you guys find annoying while shopping there, are 10 times more annoying when you work there. You don't like the constant Christmas music? Try listening to it every frickin' day! Customers are bad enough every other month of the year, but after Thanksgiving they turn into vicious harpies. I rarely find another employee who likes the Christmas season anymore.
No parking spaces
Never enough registers open

The music and attitudes don't bother me, since I listen to my mp3 player while shopping and my music drowns everyone out.
Crowds. I hate being in close proximity to a large number of people. It drives me insane.

Oh, me too. But what really kills the holiday shopping season for me is the abundance of Bah Humbuggers and Debbie Downers. :cmad: :csad:

The worst part is being a mall security guard and putting up with all the peoples bull****.

People are truly sheep and it's hilarious watching people take shopping so seriously like it's a sport or something.

And people wonder why terrorists attack us, huh? Ha!
Hey why don't you just do your x-mas shopping on October or November.
Its easer because you got all your stuff.
Hey that how i roll.
I'm such a scrooge. I didn't do any holiday shopping this year.


But from past experience, it definitely would be the crowds
i can deal with everything, its the long ass line with the one register thing that kills me
the worst part of holiday shopping is this by far:

spending all my money :csad:

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