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God I used to watch these guys all the time when I was in high school. What the **** happened... Yeah JonTron is racist.
Thankfully i never was fully in on all these Content Creators etc.
Way too many turn out to be bad people and that sucks.
Like that Asmongold etc...these people make so much money while actual good people stay small streamers/Content creators etc.
Its sad to see...especially when stuff comes out and people still defend them.
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A The Phantom game is in the works and Nobody talks about it?

I never knew they were making the game until you posted that link.
I came across it only because of a Random video of someone who made a video about the upcoming beat em up games, where he showed this.
Its wild that a game like this hasnt gotten more attention.
Epic Games recently launched their public database similar to SteamDB and some unannounced games were revealed including FF9 Remake and new Turok...

Very interested in both of those. FF9 is one of those FFs in the glory years that I never quite finished due to life being too busy and I’ll always take new Turok. :cwink:

What’s driving the flood of layoffs in the video game industry?

Blame the rapidly escalating cost of game development and a spike in interest rates.​

Higher development costs (time to create and release, inflation, wages, interest rates) + decline from early pandemic home entertainment boom period

Additionally I’d say economies (outside the U.S.) are either in economic recession or are teetering on one and these companies sell their goods globally so they have to recalibrate.

Today I learned that Dragon Ball: The Breakers is still going. And that it has a season 6, and had kept on adding new villains.
Hmm I feel like someone at Ubisoft must really love Prince of Persia, and I can understand why. They rebooted the remake from scratch after the lukewarm reception from the trailer. Though they could have really saved some time, if they just assigned it to their top studios in the first place, and it would have been out by now.

But I think Prince of Persia already had its moment. Quality wise, it could go both ways, but commercially, I don't think its gonna sell very well.
It would be awesome if Namco, Capcom, Nintendo, and Sega came together and expanded on the SonicxMario Olympic Games format to include more companies and their major franchises for every Olympics.

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