The Force Awakens General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 3

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Didn't make sense to keep that TCW show anyway, since that era is pretty much out the door.
I don't see anyone forgetting about it. But this is a "what have you done for me lately" entertainment medium and so far Disney hasn't done much. Abrams came on board to direct almost a year ago. Kennedy was hired before that. Should we still be signing praises for it a year later? Heck no.
Yup. Lots more bad/quizzical press than good. And nowadays "all press is good press" doesn't work. That's an archaic stigma. One of the guys I know who works in Disney's PR department literally told me "Star Wars sells itself" a few months ago. If they really feel that way and utilize a marketing strategy along those lines then they're in trouble

Not surprised at that at all. When they announced it, it sounded like they had a plan. As if things were far enough along that by the time they announced that we would seen a lot off stuff by now. That doesn't sound anywhere near the case now.

And I had been looking forward to all of this. I grew up with the original movies. I loved JJ's two Star Trek movies. I'm excited to take my nephews to see the new movies, especially if they're going to involve some of the original cast.

I'm just like...don't **** this up for me, Disney! :argh:
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