Get ready to Prancercise that fat away!

I clicked the link, and saw Richard Simmons had no part in it, and left just as fast.
I just-- I can't even...
The TMZ vid is pretty great, though...
Or you could speed walk and throw some punches. This is only a slight variation on that basic exercise routine. If it helps people get variety in their workouts, that's fine, but I'll stick to the elliptical and heavy bag.
After seeing the lady on the Today show, I don't thinks she's all there. Especially if you notice the segment seemed to be making fun of the lady while she's there. After the segment I was a touch sympathetic to her.

I did giggle at the "Let's stop talkin' and do some walkin'"
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It's probably mean to say, but she looks like Pyat Pree in drag. :o
People are being a bit harsh on her. She seems nice enough. Let her have her moment in the sun.

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