Getting The Same Present Twice

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Aug 10, 2002
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Has that happened to you? Did you return one of the two? How'd you decide which one had to go?
It hasnt happened to me yet, but I would give it to someone else for Christmas.
I would defintalely pass it on to someone else , I hate asking the person for a receipt .
My sister bought me Assassins Creed. She didn't know I already had it. She gave me the receipt so I'm going to exchange it for another game.
I got Assassin's Creed.
The funnest part of it so far was how it updates your PS3. :(
for my birthday, it was during the Star wars Phantom menace Hype.. I got the lego Anakin pod racer from someone, then my best friend got me the same lego Anakin pod racer,
I got the same aftershave twice this year. I'll keep them both though because it's quite nice :)
In 1999 two people gave me the Wild Wild West soundtrack for my birthday. :o :o :o

I gave one to my neighbor for Christmas. :o
I just return it in exchange for something else
One year I got Metal Gear Solid 2 when I got that for my dad that year. I exchanged the one I got for money.
The first "Harry Potter" book about five years ago and "The Lion King" video about twelve years ago.
I got Gears of War from "Santa" and my sister last year, returned one of the copies. 4-5 years ago, my dad and sister got each other the same book for the same reason, to read it after the other finished.
Yep, got some Superman items I already got, will either sell them or give them away

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