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Girl turns herself into real anime character

May 2, 2012
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Anastasiya Shpagina



Meanwhile in Japan, thousands of young Japanese men are trying to find out how they can get their own Anastasiya...
That's...kind of cool actually. Probably one of the better attempts at "anime characters in real life" I've seen so far.

Creepy, but still cool.
Before and After.

She does a great job with the make-up but it's still a turnoff.
It looks like all she really did is change her nose...the rest is accomplished with photoshop and great makeup.
I think she looks creepy, and kind of looks like she's made of plastic o_O But it's her thing, and it's not hurting anybody, so more power to her.
very strange..reminds me of thats strange guy who had loads of surgery to look like superman..but still looked naff all like him!
I think in that first pic she really does look like an anime character.
Creepy But cool,Too thin for my tastes But I'm glad she accomplished her goal!!
I noticed the story wasnt posted. This girl plans to undergo plastic surgery to make her eyes look bigger and permanently have this look. This isnt just makeup and photoshop.
Too creepy for my tastes.
She looks like a very thorough CGI rendering of an anime character.

She reminds me of Jessica Alba
And Angelina Julie in the before image Bullets posted
Meanwhile in Japan, thousands of young Japanese men are trying to find out how they can get their own Anastasiya...
Worldwide man, this sort of affection to characters -real or fictional- is a creepy epidemic event
Well, looks like I'll be leaving the lights on tonight :csad:.
I..huh...on one hand (at least for me) I gotta respect the costume/makeup skills...one a quick glance she's kinda attractive in an uncanny valley way...I...I...my people need me *floats off screen*
Can someone post the story for this? I am curious to see what work she has had done already. Seriously, aside from the nose and maybe some cheekbone work. The rest just appears to be makeup.
Well, that is incredibly weird, but I guess it takes all kinds of folks to make up this crazy world (emphasis on the crazy! Just joking..... I think).

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