Giving a deposition


May 9, 2007
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So the company I work for is being sued. It is a retail store and someone fell on a skateboard two years ago on black friday and apparently is now suing the store. I work in the department where it happened and signed something stating that I walked the area about a half hour before the incident.

Now I have to give a depositon. Anyone ever have to be at a deposition for a lawsuit they weren't directly involved in? What should I expect besides being annoyed?
Always be truthful. Only answer questions based on information you have gained from direct observation. Don't speculate or offer an opinion unless you are specifically asked to.

Take time before answering. Feel free to pause for a few seconds after the questioner finishes his or her question before you speak.

You can treat this as a fun learning experience, since you apparently have little at stake either way. In the future, you might have to do this again (in like an insurance matter or a minor court case) so this is good practice for that.

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