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Feb 5, 2011
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Now Paver is writing another book. And it is already finished, which surprised me. Things happen fast in the world of authors.
The release will happen this fall.

The story is about a boy that lives in bronze age times, in south europe.
Among the locations is Crete, and it kind of sounds like an Alec Devlin adventure set in ancient times.
As the other main character is a girl and they will travel a lot to fight magic, and they meet tribes along the way, and they bond friendships with animals, and greek islands and their myths are part of the plot - make it seems like a combination between already mentioned Devlin, and Paver's own Wolf Brother.

It's hinted upon that there are gods in this world as well. I wonder if it will be the "real" gods, or if the mythology is toned down. Maybe Paver will claim that the myths are just based on humans that learned to handle sorcery. It could be a group of evil-doers much like the soul eaters.
In any case, elemental powers are promised. In the summary of the book, the two kids are said to take on gods of land and sea.

Here's the swedish cover of the book. My thoughts go to Wolf Brother here, but also to Sebastian Darke.


**** this sounds like just the kind of book I've been looking for! Thanks for the mention. Did someone on the Hype write this?!

As for "things happening fast in the world of writers"

as a struggling writer myself, I say thee nay. They don't happen fast enough! :oldrazz: but thanks for this. I'll try to get a copy. :)
I have read it now, and I suspected a "Wolf Brother goes Percy Jackson". I won't tell if it was ;)
But I got the feeling that the main characters would be switched to next book, it seemed that they won't go on more adventures. How come? Well, you have to read it to find out.

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