Godzilla Minus One

BOM's Numbers for the Weekend

Dec 8 Friday 3 $2,260,243 +76.6% -52.2% 2,540 $889 $19,261,577 8
Dec 9 Saturday 3 $3,640,017 +61% -2.6% 2,540 $1,433 $22,901,594 9
Dec 10 Sunday 3 $2,442,450 -32.9% -17.4% 2,540 $961 $25,344,044 10


DOMESTIC (48.8%)

GMO now sits at #8 on the Top 10 Highest Grossing Foreign Films in the US

Needs about $19 million more to crack the Top 5
Like I said, likely lazy conversion. 100 yen to 1 usd is a popular conversion rate, just for sake of simplicity, even if it is no where near the actual conversion rate.

you are 100% correct but it doesn't make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things lol.

1.5 billion yen / 100 yen to 1 usd = $15m / 150 yen to 1 usd = $10m
Right now its about $146 Yen to the Dollar
Bit of an update for me:

I found out that Minus One is playing at my local Landmark Cinemas in my town after looking it up online! So excited to see this really soon, as I was worried this wouldn’t be the case.
Been meaning to ask, you been able to see this yet?
Had some more international results dribble in yesterday. Up to 57.3m WW. UK and Brazil openings this weekend.
It’s official: I am seeing the film on Sunday with my friend who’s an even bigger Godzilla fan than I am.

If it wasn’t for the tip from @DKDetective about Landmark Cinemas, it would have slipped past me as I almost always go to Cineplex in my town. Appreciate it, man! :D:up:
Congrats! Enjoy!
Considering Shin Godzilla did all of $2 million, hell, even Godzilla 2000 only did $10 million here, yeah, Toho is pretty happy at the moment. Hell, it is going to surpass the last two Dragon Ball movies this weekend.
My recollection is that Shin Godzilla did not have much of a US theatrical release and it also took much longer to go to the US?

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