The Dark Knight Going to the PHILLY show...

I've been there. It's nice, but it's right next to the King of Prussia mall, so it's going to be really, really, really crowded this time of year, even if there weren't hundreds of Batfans lining up to see the prologue.
what time r philly people getting there? How many seats the imax theater hold?
im not getting there until 2 hours before
I hope I can get there, I have my tix but I live 4 hours away and have class till 2 :(
I printed out a ticket as a souvenir but I have no intention of going.

I'll pay ten bucks to not wait in line for 5 hours.
How many IMAX screens does this theater have?
I don't need this prescreening I'm gonna stay in Vegas and wait until next friday.
Hopefully they have 4 theaters showing it so no one misses out. i have a 40 minute drive, so i dont want to go there for nothing
They have one IMAX theater. I go to this place anytime I see a movie.

I will be leaving work around 4, so I should be there by 4:30.

Oh, and I am BILLS fan :dry: in PA. Never was and Eagles fan.
It's pretty damn big. I am not sure exactly. I'll see if I can find out.
Steelers would kick the 'boys behinds...kinda like NE did.
I'm going to the King of Prussia one, guys.

P.S. Do you think we'll only be getting the prologue? I live about one and a half hours away from the IMAX theater (I've been there before) and I'm just wondering if I should wait until the 14th to see it with "I Am Legend" and thus making the trip more worth-while.

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