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Got a Baby? Got a Window?


Dec 29, 2005
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Baby Cage



Built in 1937 and distributed in London to members of the Chelsea Baby Club, the baby cage was meant for women with children but without a backyard, garden or terrace for them to play in or on.
oh the good old days when you could cage your baby on the outside of a building.
I like how the kid in the photo is extra plump too..."why this thing can hold the most rotund of children! sturdy as a rock!"...put me down for 2!
Huh, I was wondering why heights scared me from a young age.
Michael Jackson needed one of these.
That thing won't stop a hawk.
Well at least the little cabbage head is getting fresh air.
And women get ridiculed now for bringing their babies to tanning beds? This babies gettin some serious UV exposure!
What's funny is...that pic has been posted in the funny pics thread a half dozen times the last couple of years and didn't get half the responses about it as when put in it's own thread.

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