Gotham Gotham Season 1, Episode 10 "LoveCraft" General Discussion

Just gonna leave them there while everyone eats? Come on. :lmao:
Sure, let's leave the corpse in his soup. Time to eat.
Wait. In the comics, Bruce and Selina never really hung out like that during their childhood, did they?
well not that we know of they didn't. It is possible they could have. And besides the movies, and animated series deviated from the comics many times.
Wow... Bruce must be one horny ass kid.
Oh Butch. Don't mess with Alfred.

And Ivy has a few screws loose already, I see.
Alfred's a better fighter than Gordon. That actually works surprisingly and I'm not mad about it.
Any thoughts on the assassins? They remind me of the League of Assassins. And the way Lovecraft was so scared makes me wonder if he is referring to Ras.
That's hilarious! You talking about the jump building to her? :woot:

I mean, there are girls I would have done that for in grade school, but only if I were promised at least a half hour adventure together. Bruce was probably thinking a little more long term though.
So Gordon could have shot the assassins but didn't

Good thinking

Why does Bruce walk like a ******?
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Uhoh collision course

That's one hot assassin
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I am thinking she is Lady Shiva, especially since she only fights with her hands like she does in the comics.
I was waiting for Selina to go for the eyes again.
He said "Hush" lulz

Holy ****

Rofl Ed
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Aww, Ed's going to miss Gordon. Shipped off to Arkham is a neat twist.
I see they are still not going to reveal more about the assassins. I still think they are the League, but probably don't want to reveal that yet.
I doubt they're the League of Assassins.

Gordon as an Arkham security guard? Interesting...
So, anybody notice the
green question mark
in the trailer logo?
I doubt they're the League of Assassins.

Gordon as an Arkham security guard? Interesting...

Why not? The League of Assassins have been around for centuries. They appear very skilled better than normal assassins. Also I wouldn't put it past the writers to have Ra's behind the Wayne murders.
Really enjoyed this episode.

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