Gotham Gotham Season 1, Episode 10 "LoveCraft" General Discussion

I don't think you should worry, I suspect the Arkham job won't last long.
The young actor and producers have NAILED what a young Batman should be like.

Very analytical, brave, risk taking, moral.

Really enjoy him.

Gordon's hammy acting just gives me flashbacks of whatever crappy show he was on a few years back. One Tree Hill or some ****. Give it up Jim, your Dark Knight voice isn't scaring anyone.

Did anyone notice how much of the fight in Lovecraft's apartment involved his stunt double? What a princess! :)

Really hinting towards the League and Ras being the big bad here aren't they? Or is that a misdirect from Falcone (who was great in this ep too)?
Agreed. I'm surprised they got a young Bruce Wayne so right here. Impressed with the child actor.

I don't mind Gordon as much as everyone else though lol.

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