Gotham Gotham Season 1, Episode 7 "Penguin's Umbrella" General Discussion

Oswald moving up that ladder.
Lol at Gordon calling Monto and Crispus good detectives
Forget Batman, Gordon seems like the superhero now.
Is Indian Hill something from the comics? It seemed like it should be familiar....
I guess that's it for Zsasz?I thought he and his Bond girl sidekicks were great.Can that actor not grow eyebrows,btw?
Of course the woman ruins everything
Lmao@ Szasz's ringtone.
Penguin is playing them all.
Ahhhh, Penguin is a double snitch.
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Need more episodes like this and less freaks of the week stuff.
So next week Bruce starts things up it seems
That was a great twist. Was that Fish's girl with Falcone before he went to feed the chickens?
LOL @ nun-roadblock.
Didn't see that one coming

I should have though, as Maroni seems to be gullible for a crime boss.

Mooney is so dead by the way
Need more episodes like this and less freaks of the week stuff.

They can't keep escalating a weekly series like that without some breaks in between. This is a network TV series, not a premium cable series. They need a lot more content.
That was a great twist.Overall,pretty darn good episode.

Looking forward to Fish getting the ax, asap.

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