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Gothic Architicture of Gotham City - Original PEN CONCEPT+ W/COA

Dark Angel

Jan 24, 2005
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Now, first of all i must tell you that i'm huge fan of the Batman Forever - My Favourite Film. My Favourite Gotham City is in Batman Forever - Very Gothic, Dark and Colourful, Neon Lights, NeoHuge, Extravaganza, Very Futuristic and etc... I love all gothic Statues from this film and deleted scenes, some of this statues was used in Batman Returns, To Retroman - thank you very much for all this pics, but have most of this pics, Thanx!!!!
I have some Original PEN CONCEPT+ W/COA by James Hegedus - this guy genius.
Here some concepts of Architicture of Gotham City from Batman Forever and cut scenes.
Please Retro Man post some other pics from Batman Forever, if youhave other pics of Architicture of Gotham City in Batman Forever.
Which of this pics are best!

Very Nice!

I must also say that Forever is my favorite of the previous Bat-films.

so far noone has come to the Bat-mans persona, though also making the rest more CAMP.

But what i love the most is the look of the town.. its just so big, blaring, and HUGE.

I actually think it reminds me a bit of Blade Runner in "concept"...

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