"Gotta Catch 'Em All" The Pokémon RPG IC Thread.


Jul 5, 2007
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"Gotta Catch 'Em All" The Pokémon RPG OOC Thread.

Game Master: JinnSato
Assistants: Mr. Marko, Super Ferret

Hello and welcome to the Pokémon RPG!! Yes I said it Pokémon. But instead of of this being for kids we're going to spice things up and make it more adult orientated.

Here are a few rules:

- This RPG takes place directly after the events of Gold and Silver (two years after the fall of Giovanni and the rise of the new Champion Red.)

- Our region is Kanto. No other regions may be explored, though if a character is to be play from other regions they may under GM approval.

- You may play as any human character from the games, comics, or anime.

- You may create your own character, but you must assign them a class from the list provided here.

- All trainers are only allowed to begin with three Pokemon on their person, and a maximum of six total in their posession (Bill's PC). Only one of these six Pokemon may be fully evolved (does not include Pokemon like Pinsir, Tauros, Ditto).

- You may use any Pokemon from Gen I and II. Gen III and IV Pokemon may be used with approval of a GM.

- Legendaries may not be used by anyone. In order to interact with an NPC Legendary Pokemon, approval must be given by a GM.

- Arguing will not be tolerated. Play nice!

Now go out there and catch them all!!!!


The Good Guys:
Mr. Marko
Mr. Marko
Vincent Rivers
Eddie Brock Jr.
Koga of the Elite Four

The Bad Guys:

Characters Application:

Your Name:

Name of Character(are they from the comics, show, or games??):

Brief Description of Character (history, personality, etc):

Font (be specific.):

Class (Gym Leader, Camper, PokéManiac, etc):

Where is your characters location at the moment?:

Starter Pokemon(chose three):




If you have more in storage what are they (Max three to start):

Why have you chosen this character?:

Please provide a small sample post:

Do you know how to pictures on Hype?:

Lt. Surge

"GO SQUIRTLE! Teach this guy a lesson in pain!" A young trainer, about the age of 14, threw down a small red and white ball which proceeded to explode in a flash of blue. An blue turtle-like animal could be seen once the flash had dissipated. It quickly entered a battle stance and glared at the opposing Pokemon.

[BLACKOUT]"... HAHAHA! Oh son you gotta be kidding me! For starters do you realize how pathetic you sound little boy? Your against Lt. Surge now son, not one of your dumb little buddies. And second... You know what happens to a water Pokemon when it enters the the Gym of Lt Surge?"[/BLACKOUT] The kids face was one of trepidation yet still determined. Surge lowered his tone and glared at the boy and his Pokemon. [BLACKOUT]"It gets fried..."[/BLACKOUT] Surge said giving a nod to his Raichu. With a snarl the pokemon unleashed a devastating thunder attack which knocked the boy's Squirtle up into the air crashing him through a table on it's way down, its skin charred and smoking.

"NOOOOOO" yelled the trainer as he ran to the injured pokemon's aid. Surge folded his arms and grinned at the destruction he'd caused.

[BLACKOUT]"There's a pokecentre down the street, should be able to make it if you run fast enough."[/BLACKOUT]

"Let's get goin', knuckle head," were the first words Allen said to his little brother that morning. His brother, Elliot, was to begin his journey as a Pokémon Trainer today, and there was no chance that he was going to oversleep.

Elliot jumped out of his bed, and ran straight for the bathroom. Mere minutes later, he was ready for the long day ahead of him. He ran down the stairs into the kitchen where his mom and Heracross were preparing a large breakfast. They had found the Heracross in the nearby forest, and after a short battle between it and Allen's Pokémon, it was captured. Ever since then, the large beetle-like creature had helped Elliot's mom with the house work.

Elliot grabbed a cup of orange juice, drank it, then grabbed a few pieces of toast. "You be careful now," his mom said, "Listen to whatever Allen says, and do your best." Elliot swallowed the bite of toast in his mouth, and nodded his head.

"Don't worry Mom," the teenage boy answered, "I'll be alright as long as I'm with Allen. Now I've got to get going-"

"Wait!" she yelled as he left the room. Elliot backed into the room, and looked at his mom. She then tossed him a Poké Ball he recognised to be Heracross's. He smiled, and with the press of a button, Heracross retreated into the orb. His mother smiled back, and Elliot ran out the front door.
Vincent Rivers - Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

"Still looking at dumb old sea shells, I see."

Seth walks into Professor Campbell's laboratory where he finds his baby brother sitting at one of the desks, examining some shells. Vincent sighs at the mere fact that he should've expected his brother to start the classic argument over again. Here he almost thought for a minute his older brother would act like the mature one of the group.

Vincent may be his 'baby brother' but only by 8 years. Vincent is 20 whereas Seth is 28. Seth has been training ever since he was 15 to engage in Pokémon battles to restore the honor of their family's past. Their grandfather on their father's side was once a great Pokémon Master.

Although, with Vincent...all he can ever recall from his childhood starts with his fascination of Pokémon and their environment. One could argue that he favors Water-type Pokémon because he grew up on an island where there are a plethora of them near the coast, but Vincent is not naive. He knows of all the types of Pokémon that are out there; he just admires the strengths and weaknesses of Water-type Pokémon the most.

"Before you start on your rant about how I'm wasting my time and should follow in our grandfather's footsteps of becoming a great Pokémon trainer and one day a Master, Seth...you should know that this is no ordinary shell. The way it's shaped, looks like--"

"A load of stinkin' crap."

"Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of possibly being a fossil shell from an Omanyte."

"Listen little bro, you got a Squirtle and a Corphish just aching to do some butt-whooping and what do you do with 'em? I still cannot believe that Professor Campbell is giving you one of his Torkoals either. I'd actually put the Torkoal to use and make him both an offensive and defensive Fire-type Pokémon to be reckoned with. What are you going to do, light up your bunsen burner with it?"

Vincent chuckles at his brother's joke. He stops what he is doing for a brief moment and puts down his pen. He turns towards his brother, about to say something as he raises his hand to make a gesture, and then stops as the words were about to seep out of his lips. Then, he shrugs his shoulders briefly, and brings his attention back to his work.

"Seriously, Vinny...you're killing me here with this scientific mumbo jumbo! Geez! If Lorena turned out to be a dude, I would have griped her butt too...but she isn't. She is my sister and I love her and her feelings towards Pokémon. But we gotta restore the honor to the men of the Rivers Family! We could train with each other even!"

Vincent shakes his head to the side and smirks for a moment as he continues to ignore his older brother.

"...I just may end up using Torkoal as a bunsen burner striker. Thanks for the tip, Seth."

Vincent gathers up his things, and heads out the door. He has a scheduled agenda he has to work with. And right now it is telling him to meet up with Professor Campbell.

In the silent dark he sat on his hard, cold cot. Two years he sat behind bars, in Kanto’s highest security prison, perched atop the rocky cliffs of Ochre Island. He had no reason to be here, his plan was perfect! All it took was one nosey little brat.

First it was beneath his Secret Hideout. Well, it used to be at least. He had built himself the Game Corner in Celadon City, disguising the Rocket HQ as a Casino. He was getting the money he needed, and all was well. Of course, it just had to be some pre-adolescent that’d sniff him out. Not only that, but the little ****er had the guts to confront and beat him. He underestimated the kid, using only three of his in-training Pokémon at the time.

Next was at Silph Co., Giovanni’s most famed accomplishment of all time. With the fall of Celadon’s Game Corner, he mustered every Rocket he could to invaded Saffron City, Kanto’s largest city. It was here that he got his chance to hold it: Silph’s latest and greatest creation, the Master Ball! And yet, that same punk … incompetent Giovanni’s grunts were, he could’ve anticipated their failure a mile away. That is, had he known it was the boy. Giovanni was ill prepared once again.

Those two mistakes must have been what landed him in the joint! But no, he had one strike left before he was out of the game. Team Rocket’s Leader waited for the punk to enter his Pokémon Gym, his five greatest ready. That bastard! Swept Giovanni right off his feet. He had never been so humiliated in his life …

It only took an hour later, and the cops came barging in the Viridian Gym, Arcanines in position. There were no more cards he could play, he gave out his best hand; he knew when he was beat.

And here he was … bangs, poppers, and sirens ringing in his ears. Oh the irony! Perhaps he wasn’t quite out of the game yet.


“This is it … I’ll be coming for you, boy …”

* * * * * *​

“This is a Code Red, I repeat, this is a Code Red!” was the warning screeching through the loudspeakers. Cheers of triumph rang about the hallway as the prisoners heard the news. Giovanni, however, continued to sit calmly, resting his chin atop his clenched fists.

Through the bars, he saw a female officer, along with a Wartortle, running past his cell. The other inmates booed and shouted at her as she sprinted forward. The Rocket quickly got up from where he sat, and tried to turn his head to the left as best he could. Unfortunately, he could only see the guard and Pokémon turn a corner.

Giovanni began to pace about, growing impatient as the noise grew louder. It sounded like a hell of a battle, one that he could take no part in. Waiting is all the former crime lord could …

Before he could blink, another security guard was coming, but this one stopped. “Go Hitmonlee!” bellowed the man as he threw one of his Pokéball. The newly unleashed fighting Pokémon took to a defensive stance, with battle focused on its mind. Giovanni glanced to his left side as best he could … and at last, saw them. ‘It’s them, my Rockets.’ The Earth trainer was very delighted indeed. Sure, he knew it was them since the first red alarm went off, but all the same: the ****ing henchmen actually came for him!

“BRAOOM!” The cry of an Ekans chimed across the interior, pouncing toward the kicking Pokémon. “Rolling Kick now!” The Hitmonlee picked up its right foot and began twirling it in a circular motion at the snake Pokémon. The purple Pokémon went flying against the wall. “Disgraceful …” mentioned Giovanni under his breath.

A Machoke then came in, running to the aid of the Ekans. “Karate Chop!” barked the voice of its trainer. 'The guy looks familiar …' Giovanni wasn’t quite sure why he recognized the particular Rocket; he must be one of the higher-ranked Rockets. The Machoke charged directly at the enemy Pokémon, throwing down a hard Karate Chop as it jumped into the air. The kicking Pokémon tried to block it, but the tremendous force hit him to the floor. “Low Kick!” The muscular fighter picked up its right leg and Low Kicked the grounded Pokémon. The commotion was almost unbearable, as the prisoners roared. The crime lord grinned as the battle continued right outside his cell.

“Focus Energy …” The Hitmonlee continued to sit there, as the Machoke was ready to give it another blow. “Now, Jump Kick!” The swift Pokémon smacked the Machoke under its chin, throwing the humanoid Pokémon off its feet. “Poison Sting the Hitmonlee!” shouted a Rocket Grunt. Before the guard’s fighter could react, the Ekans pounced at its target in mid air, bringing both Pokémon to the ground. The Hitmonlee began to look sick, as poison ran through its veins. “Wrap 'im up!” The snake began to constrict the kicker.

“Hitmonlee!” The Machoke struggled up, with rage in its eyes. “Gonz, have your Ekans keep the flincher still.” “No prob’ Beni. Alright Ekans, keep it up!” The prison guard’s Pokémon grew weaker as the rattler began squeezing harder. “Mega Punch!” “Let ‘im go!” The Ekans stop strangling the kick-fighter as the muscular Pokémon swung a strong left hook at its enemy. Hitmonlee was KO’d.

“It’s over.” “At least, it will be soon.” The guardsman stared in shock at his assailants. “No … you wouldn’t …” Gonz snickered. “Hold on, I got another here …” The security man tried fumbling one for one of his other Pokéballs. “Too slow! Get ‘im Ekans!” The serpent pounced at the officer as he started running away. Two other Grunts came racing down the hall. “After him!” Beni ordered the two, pointing at the retreating officer.

The high-ranked Rocket looked towards his organization’s leader, standing behind the bars. “Hold on sir, we’ll have you out. Machoke, break open the bars!” The superpower Pokémon, with all its strength, began bending the bars open. Once they were opened wide enough, Giovanni stepped out. “What took ya?” asked the crime boss in a pensive tone. “Well boss, we …” The Ekans’ trainer began to crack up under the pressure.

“I believe you’ll be needing these sir.” Beni, interrupting, handed Giovanni two Pokéballs. Right to the point … now the syndicate’s leader began to remember: this was one of his Administrators. “We better move sir, before more guards come. We’ve set up a rendezvous point at the north-west shoreline with transports ready.” “Lead the way.”

Brock ran down the street after a man dressed in a black jumpsuit with a large red R on the front. "Get back here! That Pokemon isn't yours!" He grabbed a Pokeball from his belt and hurled it forward. "Onix, Use your Sand Tomb attack to stop him!"

In a flash of light, a large stone snake appeared from the Pokeball and fired a large vortex of sand out of its mouth.

"Ahhh! S***!" The man screamed as two Pokeballs flew from his hand and onto the ground below, while his body lifted off the ground and into the air.

Brock walked up to them and picked them up gently. "I'll take those, thank you very much." He chuckled a bit as the man swirled in the air. "You know you need to press the button in the center of the Pokeball to call out the Pokemon." He turned to Onix. "Just keep him in a Constriction until the authorities get here."

Onix nodded.


"Thank you again, Brock. I don't know what Pewter City would do without you."

Brock smiled a bit. "Don't mention it, Officer." He knew it was really his Pokemon that had been the heroes that day. "Something is bothering me, however."

"What is that?"

"The man's uniform."

"Rocket? They were defeated a long time ago, Brock. Giovanni is rotting in prison."

"I know, but Rocket was more of an idea. A way of life. If even one member survived, they could start it up again. And it seems like that may be the case."

Tube walked outside the Celadon City Gym. Je had been training most of the day, and it was now time to head home. It was strange to be a trainer. He had been working with his Pokemon for about a month now, and he was getting very good. He was considering seeking out the Move Tutor to teach Thunderbolt to his Voltorb, but that would need to wait until he could pay the Tutor.

"The life of a trainer isn't easy. Are you sure you're up for it?"
Tube turned around to see Erika, the resident Gym Leader.

"Yeah, I think so."

Erika placed her hand on Tube's shoulder. "Your Voltorb did very well today. I think that you have the potential to one day become a great Pokemon Trainer. Just keep up the practice."

Tube nodded. "Thanks, Erika."

Tube headed towards home. Soon he would be making his way to Vermillion City. He had heard that there was a Gym Leader who was an expert in Electric-type Pokemon. Hopefully he would be able to teach him a few things about how to train his Voltorb.

Tube knew his journey would be hard, but he was ready. The world of competitive Pokemon training was exciting. Little did he know, Tube was about to embark on the biggest challenge of his life.

"Red!" Mom calls from downstairs, "Are you going to eat your lunch?"

I quickly grab my backpack filled with PokéBalls, Potions, and other important Items. As a habit, I check the inside of my vest for the eight Indigo League badges and the eight Johto League badges. All sixteen are accounted for, and so I am satisfied. I race down the stairs, sliding down the banister along the way - Mom hates that. I finally respond, "I really can't, Mom. I have to meet Professor Oak about an egg he discovered!"

Mom frowns because I can't stay, but then quickly smiles again. "Ok, I just don't want you working too hard," she insists. "Sometimes, you worry about Pokémon so much, I think that you'll forget to eat or sleep!"

I laugh. There is some truth to it, I guess. I mean, ever since I was a kid, all I've thought about is Pokémon. I spent a couple years traveling Kanto and Johto - in hot pursuit of the badges and, more importantly, rare Pokémon. But now, I've conquered both Leagues. I've seen some amazing Pokémon and met some even more amazing trainers along the way. Through trading and releasing, I have gotten down to six basic Pokémon. The rest I have entrusted to the Professor's care. And for the first time in my life, I can settle down and enjoy my hometown and everything it has to offer.

"There's really nothing to worry about, Mom."

Yet there's a part of me that feels like trouble is brewing on the horizon.​
Elliot saw Allen leaning on the gate in their front yard. He was tossing a Poké Ball around in his hand. "Who's in there?" Elliot said, eyeing the small sphere.

"It's my first Pokémon," Allen replied, "Remember good ol' Squritle?"

"Yeah, but didn't you trade him?" the younger sibiling questioned.

"Yep, but I ran into that trainer again a few years later. Apparently, little Squirtle grew up a bit. The guy didn't want him anymore, so he gave him back to me free of charge." the older brother said. And with that, he opened the Poké Ball to reveal a Blastoise. Elliot stared in awe at the huge Pokémon.

"Amazing-but why are you telling me all of this?"

"Because I'm passing him on to you. I've really had no need for a Blastoise ever since I got him back. But you are going to need a strong Pokémon if your ever gonna win some badges." Allen then tossed his brother the empty Poké Ball, just like his mom had several minutes earlier. "Go ahead, call 'em back. He's yours now."

Elliot pressed the button on the Poké Ball and the Blastoise was sucked back in to the orb. He placed Blastoise's Poké Ball right next to Heracross's on his belt. He had a huge grin on his face.

"Now let's get going. Don't wanna keep old Professor Oak waiting too long." Allen told him. They ran over to their bikes and raced off towards Pallet Town.


When I enter Professor Oak's laboratory, a couple of his aides greet me. I greet them back because, generally, they're pretty cool guys. As I approach Oak, he's speaking with Daisy - his granddaughter and Blue's sister. I'd never openly admit it, but I've had a huge crush on Daisy for quite some time. I'm pretty sure she knows - she's not stupid - but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

While the two are still talking, I remove the three PokéBalls from my belt. As I release each one, Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle appear - respectively. "Go take a load off, guys," I suggest. The three Pokémon nod and then exit through the back door. Oak has plenty of land for Pokémon to run free and enjoy themselves.

Oak watches as the Pokémon go outside, and then he finally notices me. He motions for me to come over. "Well, Daisy, I'll see you tonight," Oak says politely to his granddaughter.

Daisy smiles. "Okay, Grampa. Hello, Red," she greets as she walks past me.

"Uhh...yeah. Hi, Daisy," I stutter. God, why do I always turn into such a babbling idiot around her? I suppose it doesn't matter. In reality, Daisy and I would never be together. But it shouldn't stop me from hoping, right? Pushing thoughts of schoolboy crushes from my mind, I address the Professor, "You wanted to see me?"

"Indeed!" Oak replies enthusiastically. "My associate, Professor Elm, told me about an amazing discovery of his - Pokémon that hatch from eggs! Needless to say, I was anxious to see this for myself." Oak walks over to his desk and picks up an egg. "So when Elm found another egg, he sent it to me - knowing that I'd love to experiment with it."

I scratch the back of my head. "That's really cool, Professor - honestly. But how does it affect me?"

He smiles and pokes me lightly in the chest, while cradling the egg in his other arm. "That's just the thing!" he announces excitedly. "For this egg to hatch, it has to be around a trainer that is willing to care for it and watch over it until it hatches. While I'd love to be there when it does hatch, I simply am too busy to keep an eye on this egg. But you are in the perfect position!"

"I don't know,"
I respond hesitantly. While I seriously am interested by all of this, I don't know if I feel up to caring for an egg.

"Think about it. All you have to do is keep this egg in your backpack," Oak explains. "If you keep the egg around your Pokémon, the egg will sense the happiness around you, and it will hatch into an exciting, new Pokémon!"

I reluctantly reach out and take the egg.

"You're making the right choice!"

Brock flipped a chair around backwards and sat on it, leaning towards the cuffed man. "Alright, pal. Let me catch you up to speed on what's going down. I'm Brock, the local gym leader, and respected by the local authorities on my knowledge of Pokemon." He turned to the large mirrored window to his left, then back to the man. "In matters like this, I kinda just get away with whatever I want."

The man scoffed. "You don't know what you're dealing with."

Brock looked at the mirrored window, then back at the man. Suddenly, he wound up and punched the man in the face, knocking his chair backward onto the floor. He pressed his left foot into the man's throat. "No, I think I do."

He removed his foot and let the man hack for breath.

"A black jumper with a red R on it. We found you carrying a Koffing and Arbok. You robbed the Pewter Museum of Science and stole Pokemon."
He grabbed the man by the scruff of the neck and picked him up. "I think I know Team Rocket when I see it. What are you, some sort of grunt out stealing Pokemon for you superiors?"

The man turned away, blood trickling from his nose to his chin. "I wasn't after any old Pokemon, you fool. Team Rocket is only in need of the best Pokemon."

Brock turned to his paper and read the report again. "Kabutops..." He turned back to the man. "Listen to me, Grunt. What does Team Rocket want with extinct Pokemon?"

The man spit in Brock's face. "F*** you. I'm not talking."

Brock calmly wiped his face. "We'll see about that." He pulled a Pokeball from his waist. "Tell me, Grunt, have you ever experienced a Stun Spore before?"

The man's eyes widened. "I..."

Brock tossed his Pokeball to the ground, and in a flash of light, a Bulbasaur appeared. "A good friend of mine from Pallet Town gave me this Pokemon." Suddenly, a strange powder began to leak from the large bulb on its back.

"Stop! Oh God!! I'll talk!"
The man's body began to convulse. "Please! Just make it stop!"

Brock covered his a smile as the man began to stop shaking. "I'm sure you will. We'll be back in a couple hours so you have time to think through the details." He called his Bulbasaur back into its ball and placed it on his belt. "Talk to ya then, pal." The door slammed as the man writhed in pain, unable to move.

"Bagon, get off the roof, if I've told you once I've told you a million times...now get down" In all the years I have known Bagon I still can't understand his odd obsession with being able to fly. Suddently I look up and see Bagon soaring toward me...


I sat up to see Bagon, Steph and her Pidgy standing around me. "He slammed into you pretty hard Draco, you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm ok, he was trying to fly again. What am I going to do with you Bagon?" I said with a smile. As we sat outside laughing my cell phone began to ring, it was my mother. "Hello...Hey mom, how is everything...really...ok...yeah...alright...that's ok...I love you to, bye mom."

"What was that about, whats wrong?" Steph let her curiosity get the best of her sometime. "She just got back from the hospital, she is not well, and she can't afford to pay for her med's. I wish I could help her, but my job doesn't pay well enough for that kind of fee."

"You know what, Bagon is really strong and you take great care of him. I know it's not something you do often, but battling is an easy way to get money. Why don't you start practicing at the battle arena!"

"I don't know, I'm not much of a fighter...what do you think Bagon?" and with a look of aproval and excitement, Bagon made it obvious what he wanted to do.

"Then I guess you two are off to train, call me some time, ok Draco?"

"I will, thanks Steph...see you later."
"Yes, only five hours til tomorrow!" I say happily. I lay on my bed in my small(ish) room, playing PikachuKart on my Nintendo DS. I drive my Lapras in his shell car to one of the item boxes, and get a star. I'd got my DS for my Birthday, which was today. But last night I wasn't getting hyped up about today, it's tomorrow I was looking forward to. When I can start my journey. I hear a Chirrup from next to me. It's my Pidgey, who I named Climps. He hops over to me and starts tugging on my ear.

"Char!" I hear from under my bed, followed by scratches. I look down. Cinder, my Charmander, has got his head stuck in a sock again. I pick him up by the tail and pull the sock off of his head. He "Char"s at me again, and then Climps hops over and they start playing. I smile and get back to my game.

"Yes, only four hours and 56 minutes til tomorrow!"

"Jared, are you still on your DS?" Mom shouts up from downstairs.

"Yes, why?" I shout back down.

"Come down here."
Vincent Rivers - Pokémon Aide Extraordinaire

Vincent finds Professor Campbell on the shore of the beach. It appears he had already started without him. Hopefully, Vincent had not missed too much already.

"Sorry, Professor. Seth was giving me the 'ol speech again and all."

"It's understandable for your brother to want to restore what your Grandfather once contributed to your family name, Vincent, but next time I'd appreciate it if you could burst his bubbles sooner."

Professor Campbell keeps his back turned away from Vincent as he continues to get everything set up. There is an odd vibe that Vincent feels from Professor Campbell, but it does not last too long. Professor Campbell is not serious of course, Vincent is a great Pokémon Aide and he is deeply proud of him. He smirks as he turns towards Vincent.

"...how did he take the news?"

"I told him I'd use Torkoal as my new bunsen burner striker. He went nuts."

Vincent smirks back but Professor Campbell actually thinks about the idea for a moment as he rubs his chin.

"You know, that actually may not be a bad idea. Think of all the electricity and gas you could save. Something as scarce as that on the island could prove to be--"

Professor Campbell takes a look at Vincent's dry expression as he pulls himself out of his daydream idea and the two laugh for a moment. Vincent puts down his things and kneels down on the sand as Professor Campbell finishes setting the equipment up.

"So what is it going to be today, Professor?"

"Today is somewhat of a weather report."

"Weather report? I--I do not quite understand. How is this in our field?"

"Out in the sea there have been reports from fisherman about these odd changes in the weather. What is odd about these changes is that they are so quick. One second a fisherman finds himself relaxing on his boat, leaned back in a chair as he sets down his fishing pole waiting for a bite, and the next second he finds himself unable to reel in his first bite. Course, he only thinks he got a bite. Next thing he knows that tug he felt was on account of the entire ocean in his area being frozen and the string of his fishing pole merely got tugged on as the boat was halted to a stop."

"So you think it's some Pokémon behind it? That doesn't make sense though, Professor. It is not in their nature to do something like that."

"I've compiled a list of Ice-type Pokémon for our possible candidates. But the coordinates do not seem to help me at all."

"Why is that?"

"Because it has been happening all around the ocean. Not just off the coast of Seafoam Islands. No certain patterns in the activity and I have no way of narrowing down what possible Pokémon could be for some reason behind this since the disturbances are not bound to certain areas or coordinates."

Vincent stops and thinks for a moment. He takes a look at some of the paperwork Professor Campbell has compiled and notices something. It isn't a pattern that was somehow overlooked, but it is most certainly an observations. The timing. The timing between each anomaly is not as long as one would expect compared to the distances of them. A farfetched idea comes to mind. But he doesn't let that stop him from speaking.

"Is there a possibility that it could be one Pokémon, Professor?"

"One Pokémon, Vincent? What could suddenly cause you to deduce such a conclu--"

That's when Vincent shows what he has noticed to Professor Campbell in the paperwork. Professor Campbell scratches his head in confusion.

"But there is not a Pokémon in the world that could travel so fast. Not an Ice-type, at least."

"...what about Articuno?"
Jinn walked through the thick Viridian Forest staring at the sites in wonder. He had never seen so many bug type Pokémon in the same place at once. The temptation to catch them was great but he wasn't exactly a bug trainer. Plus, he was going to save his last two PokéBalls for something important. Suddenly he heard a strange cry. He turned to see a injured Nidoran on the ground being attacked by a Pidgey.

The flying type Pokémon swooped down and sent a devastating blow to the injured Pokemon's head. Blood started trickling down it's head it than collapsed on the ground. It went in for one final blow. But Jinn ran in front on the attack and was hit by the birds head. He fell to the ground. It screamed loudly as it went at him again. But with a bright flash of light the Pidgey hit the ground. Standing in front of it was Jinn's Typhlosion raring to go.

"Thanks 'ol buddy." The fire type Pokémon tuned and nodded. "Now Typhlosion, Fire Punch that little jerk!!"


The attack sent the small bird to the ground. Smoke rising from its burnt body. He went over to the Nidoran and crouched down beside it. "Well 'ol girl it seems you've made my important list." He tossed a ball next to it. The injured Nidoran was instantly captured. The ball didn't even shake. He called back Typlosion. And began to walk away when he heard a weak cry from behind him. He turned to see the beaten Pidgey on the ground, smoke still rising from his body. the Pidgey looked at him with determined eyes. "UHG! Alright, alright. You can come.... But you have better behave."

He than captured the Pidgey. And started back on his journey towards Pallet Town.
Elliot and Allen pedalled fast on they're bikes on through the forest to Pallet Town. Almost competitively, Allen cut in front of his younger brother at a turn. The older sibling chuckled as he rounded the corner. "I'm gonna get you for that one!" Elliot hollered.

After the turn, Elliot saw his brother, but he wasn'r on his bike. He was standing in the middle of the path. Elliot stopped his bike, unaware of what was in front of Allen. The younger sibling jumped off his bike and ran to his brother's side. In front of them were two men in matching black jumpsuits, both plastered with a red R on the front.

"What do you wannabe Rockets want. Don't you know the group disbanded years ago?" Allen said. His hand was inches away from a Poké Ball on his belt.

"That's what you think. But soon enough, Team Rocket will be back and better than ever." One of the men stated.

His partner followed suit, "You got that right. Now let's have ourselves a little two-on-two battle." The first Rocket sent out a Pidgeotto, while the second released his Ghastly.

Allen nodded his head in acceptance, and turned to look at his brother. "Start with Heracross. Conserve Blastoise's power until you need him." He whispered. Allen then turned his attention to the Rockets, and sent out his Quilava.

Elliot gulped, not sure if he was ready for his first battle. But then he looked into the eyes of the Rockets', and knew he had to fight. He yelled out, "Let's do this! Show 'em what you've got, Heracross!"

He made his way down the hall as fast as he could, with the Rocket Admin and Grunt in front of him.“This way!” Beni yelled, pointing ahead. Almost outside of Prison Block 1-C, Giovanni saw a glimmer of metal. Smooth, and with a dark shine it had. “Sir we …” The crime lord’s immersion into his world of madness was full, he couldn’t escape.

“A gun … a f***ing gun …”It was a weapon, strictly used only against other humans. He knew plenty of crooks in this place who used them for robberies and bank heists. Murder, however, was very rare among the Kanto region. Especially, as one might expect, to be used against the “lesser species.”

Being the highest security prison in the area, he was around every one of the vermin. Dabblers of death for the revenge, slaughter, or simple amusement it brought them. Yet, not one of them could say that they killed anything except a human with a weapon. A desperate man stood before this instrument of pain, one who had broken all rules, save one.

[FONT=&quot]“Come on boss, more coppers a’ comin’!”[/FONT]The deluded megalomaniac took the handgun from the room, checking for ammo. “It’s good.” He wasn’t afraid to use it if it came down to it. Hell, it’s pretty funny to think how his conscious had kept him from using one before. He had sunk low, but a little farther surely wouldn’t drown him … no, not now. He slipped it into one of the pockets his prison uniform contained. “Let’s go.”

Moving on, they reached a large open room, with a second floor catwalk above them. Two shooters crouched above, with a Mr. Mime between them. “Surrender now, or we will be forced to fire.” “What a pity that'd be …”remarked Giovanni sarcastically. He drew the weapon from earlier out and held it point blank at the mime Pokémon. “Don’t shoot it!” screamed the mime’s trainer. “Reflect!” The crime boss took off the safety and let it fire. The Pokémon was able to rebound the bullet, which went flying into the ceiling. “Fire!” “Damn you!”

Giovanni dived to his right as fast as possible, but was struck by the gunfire at the lower abdomen. “B****!” The Admin shouted from behind a large cooling unit. “Hurry sir!” Writhing in agony, the Rocket leader moved as fast as he could, throwing out both of his Pokéballs. 'Let's see what we got.' A great light shined across the room, as an Onix and Kangaskhan came out. The two Pokémon looked highly familiar to the mob boss, but he would worry about their origin for another time.

“Get'em Onix.” The almost 29 foot tall Pokémon went raging toward its opponents, knocking the catwalk, and much of the wall connected to it, down. The two upper-level guards were now on the bottom floor, on their backs. “That’s it, you …” The mime trainer grabbed for his partner’s rifle. “No Jack, it’s personal now.” He looked at the former Viridian Gym leader with determination in his eyes.

“Sir, do you …” “I can handle him.” The Ground specialist’s pride was without question. The two trainers stared down at one another. Giovanni was the first to spring to action. “Comet Punch. Kangaskhan.” The kangaroo-like Pokémon charged at the mime with a Comet Punch ready. “BAAAOW-RAAAAAOW!” As the Kangaskhan unleashed its fists of fury, the Mr. Mime put up a Barrier between it and its master. “Substitute now!” The Barrier Pokémon began creating a copy of itself. The Kangaskhan was quite confused, not knowing which one to attack. “Use a Confusion attack!” Psionic shockwaves emanated forth; the hefty Pokemon became dizzy.

“Both of you, attack 'em.” The Onix Tackled at one of the Mr. Mimes, while the Kangaskhan went to Bite at the other. It turned out the Onix found the real one, as the Kangaskhan’s target disappeared. The humanoid Pokémon went flying against the wall behind its master. The Onix stared deep into the eyes of the opposing trainer. “Go Staryu!” The trainer called forth one of his other Pokémon, a starfish-shaped one, between him and the rock Pokemon. “Water Gun!” The jeweled Pokémon shot a stream of water from the tip of its top. The rampaging Onix wasn’t effected much by the weak Pokémon’s blast, as it drove through it, the trainer and the other gunman, and then at the Mr. Mime against the wall.

The wall smashed open as the gargantuan Pokémon barged towards the opposing Pokémon. The mime went flying outside, far off down the cliff. “Miiiiiiiiiime …!” A thud echoed to above. The two human guards lay on the floor, bruised and bleeding terribly. The trainer among them was crying, knowing his Pokémon’s death had occurred. “F*** you, cold-hearted bastard.” “Come on, it ain't over yet. Kangaskhan, Mega Punch.” The Kangaskhan charged at the Staryu, barely alive, and gave it a strong left hook. The star-shaped Pokémon's ruby shattered, pieces of it flying about. Giovanni called his Pokémon back into their balls.

[FONT=&quot]“Nice job boss …”[/FONT]“Watch them, Grunt. Teach ‘em a lesson: never mess with Rocket.”[FONT=&quot]“Will do boss, will do!”[/FONT]The Poison trainer giggled with demented delight, calling out a Zubat. [FONT=&quot]“Time to eat, buddy …”[/FONT]

Giovanni and Benito, the Administrator, continued onwards. They eventually ran into two other Rockets, who were being confronted by two guards and their Pokemon, a Ninetales and a Fearow. One of the panicking Rockets threw out three Pokeballs, each containing Voltorbs. The two Grunts began running away as quickly as possible. “Self Destruct!” All three Electric Pokemon did as commanded, blowing the area sky-high. The room was beginning to collapse. Giovanni and Benito saw an exit, scampering out as fast as humanly possible.

Outside, they could see other Rockets retreating northward. “Come sir!” The two continued until they reached the end of a cliff. Looking downward, they could see boats down below. The Admin looked back over at the prison, smoke rising from it. “What about the others, sir? Shouldn’t they be rescued too?” The crime lord, never looking back, gave an irritated gaze at the man by his side.

“Why should they?” “They’re part of the family too!” “Not a part of mine they ain’t. They betrayed my family when they were caught.” He then began to think about the Onix and Kangaskhan he had received: their tactics, their power, and their neglect for human affliction. They were HIS Pokémon. “Speaking of betrayal …” The boss let Kangaskhan out of its Pokéball and pointed at Benito. The parental Pokémon went over and picked up the Admin by the scruff of his jumpsuit. “What is the meaning of this sir!?” “You know very well what business we’re dealing with here.”

These two Pokémon were never a part of his main lineup, only one’s in training. All the same, they had been locked up in a safe deep beneath in his office.“You invaded my privacy. No one messes with the Father’s things.”Giovanni nodded towards his Kangaskhan, who awaited further orders. It began punching Beni hard in the gut, blood coming out his mouth from the powerful jabs. “I’ll learn you a piece or two about respect.”The matriarchal Pokémon dropped the Rocket from her grip. He dropped down to the ground, gasping from the pain.

The gang lord called back his Kangaskhan, and then called forth his Onix to below the cliff. The stone snake Pokémon, with his head barely reaching the edge of the cliff, bit its mouth to the rocky edge. Giovanni walked onto the head of his Onix. “I hope we won’t be needing this lesson again, for both our sakes.” He then stomped on the head of the Rock Pokémon, which lowered it's head down to the beach, being used like an elevator. Hopping off the behemoth, Giovanni looked up to the night sky, feeling a malevolent new hope born anew.

"I don't get it, how could one blizzard from a Spheal knock Bagon out?" I say to Steph over the phone, while standing in the Pokecenter. We had just finished our first battle, it didn't end well. "Draco, you have to realize type differences, and the effects they can have on your Pokemon."
"Well I understand that Bagon is a dragon, but whats that have to do with anything?"

"It has EVERYTHING to do with that! The different types are what make Pokemon great, and different. Just come over here, my father has books and videos, all on different types and strategies against each one. We can watch them together..." Steph could talk forever, and I could listen. There is just something about her...but its probably a bad thing that she is still talking, and I'm not paying attention. "So how soon will you be here?"

"Um, well. Give me about an hour. That will give Bagon some resting time." I really just need some time to get ready, I don't want to go over there looking like I just came out of a battle.
"Alright, I will be waiting for you."
"Steph, I need to tell you something..."
"Yeah, what is it?"
"Um...well, thanks for everything" I BLEW IT, why don't I just tell her!
"No prob, see ya soon, Bye" She says as she hangs up the phone.

******Next Day*******​

"So I need to go catch a new Pokemon now, is that what your saying?"
"Well your running out of options, I mean If Bagon runs into another Ice Pokemon, he either needs to know a Fire move, or you need to have something that can beat Ice..." Her knowledge of Pokemon impresses me so much, another reason that she appeals to me. "What if I go with you, we could get your mom's money together!"
"You don't have to do that," What am I saying, I want her so bad, why would I not want her to come! "Unless you really want to." Bagon look up at me with a smile, of course, he is always smilling. I know he liked Steph alot, and him and Pidgy love to play together.
"Well me and Pidgy have already packed. Oh, and my dad wanted me to give you somethings. He stoped by yesterday and gave me this" She reached out and handed me a poke ball.
"Whats this?" I asked
"Father says it belongs to you, he said it was your fathers..."

The Rocket escape boats left the shores of Ochre Island far behind them. It looked as if Giovanni’s rescue was a success. With the head counts done, it was imminent that a few grunts were left behind during the battle (some dead, some alive). Still, to the organization itself, the mission was worth the cost.

Heavy fog rolled in as the night grew darker. The seas left the crime lord with shivers running down his spine. He would have wrapped a blanket around himself to keep warm, but of course a man of his stature needed to think about his image before his health. After all, isn’t that what being a gang leader of a multi-million dollar corporation meant? Being the head of the food chain?

The boss, sitting in a dungy rowboat, looked bitterly at one of his associates. “You couldn’t get anything better?” “Sorry boss-man, but anythin’ bigger and we’d been caught before hittin’ land.” He grunted under his breathe. Once he hit land, he was sure to teach some of these dotards why he deserved better respect than this. For the time being, he only needed to plot his next move.

“How much further?” Giovanni asked the seafaring Rocket navigating. [FONT=&quot]“I’m … not sure sir …”[/FONT] “Then figure it out before I get impatient.” [FONT=&quot]“Yes … sir.”[/FONT] The Rocket grabbed out one of his Pokéballs and tossed it up in the air. [FONT=&quot]“Come out Murkrow! Look for the nearest landmass and report back with evidence.”[/FONT][FONT=&quot] “KRAW!”[/FONT] Rocket’s master, for the first time in a long time, gazed with awe as the witch-like crow Pokémon flew off. “What the hell!?” “Well boss … a lot’s happened in the last two years …”

[FONT=&quot]“You’ve heard of Johto sir?” [/FONT]“Somewhat, why?” [FONT=&quot]“Borders are now open between Kanto and Johto. New breeds of Pokémon have been discovered by scientists over in the western region.” [/FONT]“How many?” [FONT=&quot]“Nearly 100 of them. A few are also appearing in Kanto now. Not sure why, but I’m sure it’s …” [/FONT]“Enough. I’ll soon learn what true potential they’ll provide for us, willing or not.”

* * * * * *

Hours later, the tired Dark Pokémon was coming into view, with a stick in its beak. The crime boss couldn’t help but feel a shadowy aura about the creature. It was as though it was a tainted bird, showing the evil that nature would freely birth. 'Magnificent …' The bird dropped the branch into the hands of its trainer. [FONT=&quot]“Sir, I’d estimate Cinnabar is about 15 kilometers Northwest of here.”[/FONT]

Indeed he had ordered that they head for the volcanic island first. Of all places, why Cinnabar Island? Surely the Seafoam Islands, which were closer and uninhabited, would have been better. Alas, it wasn’t part of the Rocket Leader’s schemes. He knew the Kanto area well, and knew of plenty of pockets in society to hide in.

* * * * * *

As they were getting closer and closer to the island, a brutal storm was kicking up. Rain was pouring down with heavy winds, and thunder booming. [FONT=&quot]“We won’t make it!”[/FONT] shouted a disheartened grunt. The waves crashed the dingys about. Some Rockets flew out of their boats. “Go Venomoth!” called out one of the criminals. The large moth Pokémon flapped its wings above the water. “Big boss, get on!” Giovanni leaped toward the Poison Pokémon as his rowboat began to sink. Other Rockets called forth flying and hovering Pokémon, like Golbats and Weezings, to hopefully carry them to safety.

“IUUUURE!” The Venomoth cried as it strained to carry both the mob boss and its trainer. Being the coward he was, the Rocket kicked Giovanni off. “Damn you!” He struggled to stay above water, holding on to a board of a broken raft. The tides began to carry him under, and then bring him back up as he tried to ride the wave like a boogey-boarder.

Off ahead, he could see it. “Ci-i-i-nna-a-bar …” It was all he could say in his half-conscious state. Although you wouldn’t believe it, there was a sight that would be even greater than land. Along the coastline of the Island, there was a strange static. It was like some virus from a Matrix movie, as the sand looked warped and colorless. However, the strange static began to solidify into a shape … a blocky shape …

And it was the last shape that Giovanni would see before he blacked out.
I stood there at the edge of the woods looking into the shadows of the trees a smile crossing my lips as I look down at my Houndour, Shadow.

Well this is it Shadow. Time for us to see what we got, you with me?

Houn houn...

I smile as I rub his head. I don't know why I even asked I know your always with me.

He nodded his head looking serious as always. Dour.

We walk into the woods on the way to Pewter city. Still sorta nervous about all this not sure what exactly I can do. I spent years though in school learning how to do this and my grandfather even trusted me with his pokemon, I wasn't going to let him down for certain.

Blue strutted through the doors of the Pokémon League Reception Gates. It was now the point that connected Kanto and Johto together. The Pallet trainer remembered when it was simply a gate house into the Indigo League, but renovations had taken shape not too long ago.

He saw a door to his right, which would lead him right out onto Kanto’s Route 22. He would be taking his first steps back into the region since almost two years ago. Before he could continue however, a security guard blocked his path. The man looked down at a picture and then back up at the trainer. “Are you not Blue, Leader of the Viridian City Pokémon Gymnasium?”

[FONT=&quot]"Yeah, what's it to you?"[/FONT] he asked with spite. “I’ve been asked by Indigo League Champion Lance that I speak with the Viridian Gym Leader if I see him. They say you haven’t been at your Gym for over a year now.” Oh this was good. [FONT=&quot]"Lance is the new Indigo League Champion now!? What a joke!"[/FONT] “Do you not realize that you’ll lose your Gym License any day now?” Who was this guy to be telling off the former Indigo Master!? [FONT=&quot]"Look, I'm heading for my Gym, alright!? Now let me through!"[/FONT] He pushed aside the guard and walked right out the door.

He took a deep breath, and smelled the fresh air of Route 22. He began to trail off the dirt path and onto a long brick path. Nostalgia sunk deep into his mind as he looked off the road. Afterall, this is where he caught his Pidgey (now a Pidgeot). However, the place also bore memories of grief.

The brick trail was about to end, and when he looked off the trail, he remembered … that second battle …

from the past said:
Red’s Charmander flung strong Embers with its tail at Blue’s Eevee. The Normal-type Pokémon couldn’t stand any longer, and fell to the ground. [FONT=&quot]"I won!"[/FONT]

Blue called back his starter, its fur burned. [FONT=&quot]"Awww! You just lucked out!"[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]"Two out of two: I must be pretty lucky then."[/FONT]

Blue looked down to the ground in defeat. [FONT=&quot]"Pokemon League has many tough trainers ... All I have to figure out is how to get past them!"[/FONT] He looked back up at his childhood rival. [FONT=&quot]"You should quit dawdling and get a move on!" [/FONT]Blue stormed off as quickly as he could back to Viridian City, not looking back.
[FONT=&quot]'No, I won't look back. I didn't then, and I won't now!'[/FONT]
I entered the forest slowly taking my time I was in no hurry, and this way I could really take a look at the forest itself. I smiled down at houndour as we walked, as he never left my side. So many bug types all in just one place it was almost boggling. I had heard that picachu were none to wqander the woods as well sometimes.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Pikachu, Houndour, who know's if we do it might even want to come with us.

Dour dour..... HOUN! Houndour!

I heard it to sounded like a battle, what do you think should we check it out see whats going on?


As we head towards the sound of the fight maybe we'd even get to meet another trainer.
Jinn walked through the forest tired, hungry, and worried. It had been nearly a day since he entered the forest and it just kept getting thicker and thicker. There was no sign of civilization anywhere. Why, even Wild Poke'mon were becoming scarce. Thats when he heard it. Foot steps. Actually, two sets of them. One was a human for sure the other... He couldn't tell what kind of Poke'mon would make noises like that.

Hopefully the trainer would have directions. And who knows, if he was lucky he might even get a battle out of 'em.
We walked farther into the woods pushing through the undergrowth, careful not to disturb it to much as we went. It was easy enough to get through them woods I had bee in them more then a few times before.
It wasn't long as we hit the small clearing he seemed to have managed to stumble into as shadow stayed at my side.

You look a little lost. Anything I can help you with.

As I spot the pokeballs on his belt. Strictly speaking I wasn't supposed to battle but I did enjoy one every once in awhile. Also it was good practice for my pokemon for any real problems that might crop up. As I walked towards him and extended my hand.

I'm Lawson and this is my Houndour Shadow.


We walked farther into the woods pushing through the undergrowth, careful not to disturb it to much as we went. It was easy enough to get through them woods I had bee in them more then a few times before.
It wasn't long as we hit the small clearing he seemed to have managed to stumble into as shadow stayed at my side.

You look a little lost. Anything I can help you with.

As I spot the pokeballs on his belt. Strictly speaking I wasn't supposed to battle but I did enjoy one every once in awhile. Also it was good practice for my pokemon for any real problems that might crop up. As I walked towards him and extended my hand.

I'm Lawson and this is my Houndour Shadow.


"Jinn." He says as he kneels down to the Houndour. "Wow. I never thought I would see a Houndour out here."

He looks towards Lawson and says, "I take it you're a trainer?"

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