Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

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Apr 29, 2005
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Anyone else got this? I just bought it a month ago and I gotta say I love it! Some of the parts are a little tricky but it's def. a great game.
I have it for PSP and yes it's a great game
I have it for the PS2 but havent really played through it as other stuff came out around that time and I never got back to it. I still need to beat the original VC
I've never played a GTA game before this one, well I've never played one in like gusto I guess you could say. I've only played snippets and not known what the hell I was doing. But I gotta say I always see how newspapers say GTA games are horrible. The guy in the game isn't a bad guy ya know? I was thinking a new GTA game....
Grand Theft Auto: West Side Stories

someone has to create a mod for this!

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