Great "No Bad Characters" Article featuring Maggott!


Aug 4, 2003
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HERE is a great article that I just read on CBR about how there are no bad characters. We've all heard that saying before, but the writer really makes some great points about previously bad characters that only needed a caring writer to make them work. He uses examples like Hulk, Emma Frost, and Wolverine, who were originally directionless and not very well liked. Can you imagine the Marvel Universe if later writers didn't come around and define these two characters for the future?

I love that his whole point is that a character like Maggott from the X-Men (who I've always been a fan of) could be salvaged and made to work if he has a proper writer behind him. I'm a firm believer in this. Look at Venom right now, or Deadpool a few years ago. I've always wanted to see someone take ahold of the 4-issue X-Man Paulie Provenzano and make him work. I have a story in my head about Demogoblin that I tell no one about because I believe I can redefine him and make him great, because I hope to someday have a chance to write that story. I care so much about the character that I WANT to make it happen. I don't want to risk losing it. The same with Shocker.

I just liked this article a lot. I thought I'd share.
He was one of my favorites...I always like the characters nobody else gives a hoot about
I loved Maggott too
But I think it was mainly because he was (visually) a JoeMad! creation, and I was obsessed with his art at the time
It's a story first approach which i don't really agree with. It's obvious exposure promotes characters visibility and makes them susceptible to higher fan bases, add artist renown, talent and publicity stunts and you have a winner... or do you?
I always like the characters nobody else gives a hoot about
Me too.

I've always been more intrested in the less popular characters than the most popular ones myself.

There are many characters which with the right writing could become very popular.

I feel a character like Doctor Strange could become an A-lister if you gave hims a solo comic with a writer who understands the character and has an intresting take on him and his world.

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