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Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Score?

Maybe The Chemical Brothers. I really hope for a non-traditional soundtrack, and they've done an excellent job in their brief time doing Movie Soundtracks...but also maybe Clint Mansell.
I agree with Daft Punk or something similar. I want something "out there."
Call me nuts but I just adore the score from 'Flash Gordon', composed by Queen. It was perfectly spacey and so embracing of the movies campness.

It would never happen but I wonder if they could get a modern composer like that in to do this. Someone Pink Floydey. Probably not because it would date the movie :csad:

Reznor's a good compromise though.
Why Rez? I absolutely love the guy and NIN, but I think the suggestions of Tron rather than Social Network are a lot closer to the mark for the atmosphere for this movie. GOTG is not what I'd ever describe as dark, bleak and introspective, which is Reznor's milieu.

But I'm definitely agreeing with electronica for the soundtrack instead of a traditional classical John Williams-y score. Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Tiesto, Deadmau5, Crystal Method, or a good Matrix-style anthology.
I'm about 90% sure that it will be Tyler Bates. Gunn has used him for everything he's done from film to web series.
I'm about 90% sure that it will be Tyler Bates. Gunn has used him for everything he's done from film to web series.

And that's not a bad thing. At all.
If GOTG goes for at least a semi-classical score (I'd prefer they not), then Bates has a great repertoire, very non-traditional.
Bear McCreary. I want a more epic sound, less industrial or techno, sorry.
I love the idea of going with a electronic sound for the movie. Daft Punk did a amazing job on the Tron Legacy soundtrack so hopefully someone at Disney decides to call them up again!

Someone brought up The Matrix. I always wish Joe Hahn would do some work scoring a film since Reznor and DP did.

This was in The Matrix Reloaded's credits I think.
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Clint Mansell,

I agree Daft Punk or the Chemical Brothers could bring a cool techno/electronica soundtrack

But Mansell's trademark is mixing electronic instruments and everything with classic orchestra. Plus he really can pack emotion and weight into the music.

GotG is going to have to continually win over the casual viewer because there is a talking Raccoon on screen...so a more accomplished Guy in Mansell is a better pick in my opinion.
I would love an electronica score, so daft punk or chemical brothers would be awesome. If they decide to go with a singular composer than maybe Christopher young if he channels the sound he had going during sinister, or Paul Leonard morgan , his score for dredd kicked ass.
Is Jean-Michel Jarre still active?
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I wonder if Marvel would be bold enough to put some of the XX in there?


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