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Sequels Halle Berry should stop playing Storm!!!


Sep 29, 2007
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Halle Berry was a horrible choice for Storm in the X-Films. Although she has a nice look for Storm, her acting skills were all wrong.

She read X-Men comics before filming, she KNOWS that Storm is a tough, radiant, athletic, commander, yet she failed to convey any of those qualities.

The one and only quality of Storm Halle was able to convey well was her gentleness and serenity. Uh... There is more to Storm than softness. She is majestic, loud, graceful, and confident.

Now, I know part of Storm's crummy depictions in the X-Films was thanks to Bryan Singer, but what about the Last Stand with Brett Ratner? In X3, Storm's character was more talkative, more prominent, more aggressive, more physical, more stormy! yet Halle still presented her being weak, soft, and boring. Personally, I even thought she looked rather disoriented in many scenes.

What's with her child-like voice? I'm sure a team leader would speak with a more confident tone of voice than the timid little girly voice delivered by Halle in all 3 films. Same thing with her enthusiasm. Did you guys feel Halle actually got into her role? I thought she looked bored in every film, seriously.

What we need is a new Storm actress; one who can have a believable superhero attitude and athleticism. One who can convey a goddess better.

Agree or disagree, and why?
I feel she got into the role in all three films

X1-she portrayed Storm's emotional side came through perfectly in Senator Kelly's death, I think that was actually one of Storm's few but good scenes
X2-showed growth in character in the scene with Nightcrawler
X3-the intro of the cure, her response felt really involved to me

BTW to me in X1 her accent and softspokeness made her seem wise not like a little girl, I wished they would have kept the accent, it really helped distinguish Storm from Halle Berry playing Storm
Angela Basset should have been Storm. I dont mind Halle staying in the role now only for continuity sake. I dont like recasts in hte middle of film series. If they were to reboot the movies, then a new Storm would be a better way to go, but as it is now, I dont hate Halle in the role, I just would have preferred someone else
Eh... they could have done better, but they could have worse. The only thing that bothers me about Berry is that after all of the alleged complaining and the "will she or won't she return" nonsense, she suddenly seemed happy with Storm's portrayal in The Last Stand when the character really wasn't improved much at all, if any. Berry just seemed happy that Storm twirled, and the simple addition of twirling does not make Storm's characterization any better.
Storm wasn't weak, soft, or boring in the Last Stand.
I thought Storm was annoying... but mostly because she seemed like a misinformed jackass.
I think that, in an attempt to make the character more strong willed, they made Storm rather ignorant and subsequently annoying. I think she sounds like a boorish motor-mouth regarding the cure and a misinformed hardass regarding Jean Grey. Granted, I can see why the character reacts in such a way to the cure, but I think she’s comes off as inconsiderate. This isn’t to say that Storm shouldn’t be allowed to act this way. It’s within reason, but I think her subsequent actions regarding Jean Grey further the problem, as she sounds especially misinformed regarding Jean Grey’s plight. It’s as though Storm believes Jean Grey just woke up one day and decided to be a b----... and because of that, at times, she’s even a hindrance to Wolverine’s hero. For instance, she scolds Wolverine, Xavier’s new “confidant,” for wanting to save Jean, as though Jean is a lost cause who simply decides to kill Cyclops and Professor Xavier and join Magneto’s Brotherhood. When the truth is, Jean Grey is reaching out for help (Wolverine and the audience know this, but Storm seems oblivious to it all). Then, after his attempt to rescue Jean, and the discovery of Magneto’s plans, Wolverine’s welcomed back by Storm the smartass who should be thanking him for actually doing something heroic unlike the rest of the X-Men who are sitting on their butts at the School. Blah. I don’t know. I just think Storm seems like a rather unlikable character in this movie.
That's a huge fault in the writing. But even in Singer's movies, the X-Men seemed more like coworkers then friends. I would've preferred to see Storm show some sympathy or at least react in a human way to Jean's situation, but she barely acknowledges her really. You cant completely blame her though since it's established fairly early that Jean comes back pretty ****ing dangerous.
Storm's never been spot-on in any of the three movies. But they did deliberately change the characterisation in the third movie, as Matthew Vaughn said.

I have this quote from Vaughn saved on my computer:

"The only thing about Storm that was better in 'X2' than 'X1' was she had a better haircut," says Vaughn, referring to how her long, straight locks were updated into a layered 'do for the second movie. "So, it's not going to be hard to give her more to do. I've written her a very good role so hopefully [Halle] will be enthusiastic."

If they'd softened her a little in X3, it would have been much better.
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