Hardest game Ever!!!!

LOL! God, who would actually download that game and submit themselves to that kind of frustration?

Sheesh, I'd wind up ripping the game console from the power plug and hurling it across the room in frustration. Then I'd get drunk and post in a rash manner about it on here.

It made me frustrated just watching it. :(

but it made me lawl...I really like it how he tried to press up to go into the castle then slowly, and sadly, jumped off the ledge. :(
I'll bet finding original cartridges of that game that aren't broken, burned or stomped on is next to impossible.
That game would have resulted in broken controllers, tv, and spirit. LoL!!
I .... I downloaded it. :csad:

i downloaded it when it was shown on another board. um got to level 3 and got stuck not knowing what to do at the start. which is really bad considering i'd watched videos of both levels 1 and 2 being completed before hand.
i like how those blocks appeared out of nowhere.lawl

really taking the piss whoever made it.
i love how a magic block appears when he attempts to jump and the floor just collapses :D

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