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Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

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When I'm ready to buy the soundtracks don't think though for one second that i wont pick up Hoopers because I will :D there are moments that bring me straight into the world of hp when i listen to all of em. I still like him.
I sometimes feel like I'm the only person who truly found Hooper memorable.

Hooper did write some memorable music, although for me most it was in OOTP. The more memorable ones were the Ministry possession montage ("Possession"), the Dumbledore's Army scenes ("The Room of Requirement") and Umbridge's theme plus a few scattered pieces. It was more than enough for me to buy the CD. HBP was where I felt Hooper was slumming it. There's the superb "Draco's Mission", "In Noctem", "Dumbledore's Farewell", "The Friends" and "Journey to the Cave." But for me the suspense scenes, and the climatic revelation felt badly underscored.

For me, Desplat's score had that emotion and flair that Hooper's scores lacked. Dark and emotionally-charged sequences like Godric's Hallow, the graveyard scene and Malfoy Manor are superbly scored, and throughout the film I noticed lots of motifs and themes for different characters. All of those themes developed and blossomed throughout, something that hasn't been done in the films since "Goblet of Fire".
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