Has Anyone Ever Read All or Most Superman Stories? How About a Lot?

Bob Galt

Oct 7, 2022
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Not Bad for an 84 year old. Some people age like wine. Superman ages like compound interest.

First of all, this is obviously a moving target - it was pretty easy to read every Superman story in 1940, though you might have to chase around back issues and whatnot the total number was manageable. Nonetheless, if there is anyone reported to have read all or nearly all Superman stories (not necesarrily issues, many of which repeated over time) in 1950 or 1960, that's still interesting data.

There are so many appearances of Superman in Justice League, etc, even ones where he's the major character of a plot, that I would be willing to waive anything that isn't a Superman title or graphic novel in itself, though, again - if anyone has read every appearance of Superman in Justice League (let alone all the other books he's in) this is also interesting data.

Finally, I know there are a lot of random one-offs and obscure stories in the back of other books, so if anyone has read 1) every TPB/collection/graphic novel, 2) all or almost every issue of Superman main titles.

Finally, the weakest version of this, would be anyone who's read all or most of a certain time period (which, I'm sure, many of us have).

I have read most issues of Action Comics and Superman/Adventures of Superman from 1938-1990. I have read a lot of his other books, out-of-continuity stories, graphic novels, one-shots and appearances in the JL/JLA and JSA - certainly not all of them, but maybe a majority in some cases. The closer we get to Pre-Crisis the more thorough my reading is, excepting Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane titles (which I've read more than a few of). I have read all or almost every major Superman appearance (more than a panel) from 1970-COII.

I've read most of the Rebirth and New 52 Superman titles, some of the Bendis run, and some recent PKJ Warworld stories.

My biggest gap in reading is through the 90s and early 2000s, though I must have read at least one Superman title, storyline or graphic novel published in every single year since he's existed.
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