World Has Superman ever thrown a punch onscreen?

Chris Wallace

Jul 13, 2001
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I've seen many an image of Cavill cocking his fist back but i know for a fact Routh never did and I don't remember Reeve ever doing so other than when he was underground in II-and that was off-camera.
George Reeves did quite a bit of punching in the Adventures of Superman. Christopher Reeve as evil Superman punched Clark a couple of times in Superman III. And in the deleted Nuclear Man 1 fight from Superman IV, Superman uppercutted Nuclear Man.
I don't remember the evil SUpes/Clark fight very well. And deleted scene-'nuff said.
In Donner's SM II Supe punches Non which sends him head over heels.:woot:
^ In Superman IV, he punches Nuclear Man in the back when they're in space.
I'll have to track down Donner's cut, which really is a better movie despite the flaws in both versions. I still don't remember any of the aforementioned punches, though.
If you can track them down, there's some great fanedits that combine the best from Donner and Lester's versions. I'm trying to get hold of "The Complete Cut" which adds the theatrical ending to the Donner edit. Not a huge fan of the magic kiss, but it's more satisfying than the re-used earth turning ending.
i don't recall him throwing a punch in superman the movie. he did in superman 2. man of steel...he punches quit a bit

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