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Mar 7, 2005
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I don't know if this has everbeen posted before, nor do I know if it was intended for the movie. It seems like either a fan with amazing talent whipped this up, or this was some sort of a test for the graphics in spiderman.
Anyway, even if it has nothing to do with the flick, its pretty cool, so check it out.
I just noticed, the date says 2005. obviously not for the old movie, sorry about that guys. its still neat though so enjoy.
OMG!!!!! That was...........amazing!!!!! The movements of the wall-crawling in combination with the web-swinging were dead on how Spidey would move.

If this isn't test footage of some kind, I can EASILY see this as possibly being used as a sequence in one of the Spidey movies.
OMG, that was so cool. How do they do that?
you know thinking about it, that almost looked like it was for a promo for the spidey 2 game (judging by the car and the guy walking in the beginning of the clip) wouldnt that be amazing if it was for the spidey 3 game????
I was gonna say that. i totally agree with u BHD it definatly the early trailer 4 the spider-man 2 video game
It did look like a clip for the game. Regardless, that was badass. I wish I could pull off something like that.
Wow... now that is amazing! Much better than the spider-man 1+2 games IMO... this guy should work on the spider-man 3 game...
If it was for the spidey three game wouldn't he be in black?
i found his a forum or article mentioning this guy on another website a few days ago. I think based on what I read, and based on what it says at the end of the video, this is was independent project from a guy looking for work. If that's the case, he better get hired quick for the spidey 3 game
That was so awesome! I hope that is the Spider-Man 3 game! :)
In terms of realistic movement and style that tops most of the webslinging from both films. That really reminds me of the Spider-man 2 game. That was definately very cool. Raimi could take some notes with this.
Yeah, it looks like something fan-made, advertising the maker's talent. I can't imagine this guy would be out of work.
It's from a guy on the CGTalk.com boards, he modeled and animated it to put on his demo reel, he had all kinds of wireframe pictures and animations, but his webspace went out so most of that is gone.

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