Have you ever though of completely going dark about a movie?


Jul 29, 2002
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I mean completely removing yourself from a movie or movies so you go blind to see it at the theater? No trailers, no spoilers nor any kind of news other than the fact that you want to see it. I think Ill do that for any future movie, including Superman. Is there a movie that you would put yourself in that position and just be surprised at what it comes?
I tried doing it for Inception.

I didn't watch any of the Tv spots or the trailers (other than the teaser I think) and i didnt visit the Inception thread. I had no idea what the movie was about, the dreams, the heist, none of that.

But then a couple days before I went to see INception I was a counselor at this camp and those little sh**s voted to go watch Grown Ups in theaters. This pissed me off for two reasons: 1) I had to go watch Grown Ups 2) They had the final trailer of Inception before it and I was in the middle of the row and couldn't get out in time.

Moral of the story: F*** that movie Grown Ups
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I only go completely dark when I am on deep undercover missions. :sus
I did it for Skyfall. I watched the first two trailers and that's it.
I've tried, but rarely have much luck. I'm a spoiler ****e. :(
The Mist. I think I might had seen a tv spot but didn't even remember it, I didn't know who was behind the production nor the story. I went to see it just out of boredom, was expecting something like the remake of The Fog and came out completely blown away.
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The Mist. I think I might had seen a tv spot but didn't even remember it, I didn't know who was behind the production nor the story. I went to see it just out of boredom, was expecting something like the remake of The Fog and came out completely blown out.

Same for me. Its my favorite King film now. I also did this for The Dark Knight; the only "spoiler" I had was from the old Goyer interview where he said Joker in part 2, trial and Two-Face in part 3. Needless to say, Act II's end and all of Act III floored me.

I tried to do this for The Dark Knight Rises. A certain leaked photo from the 2011 Summer filming in Pittsburgh crashed that notion. With no survivors. :o:cwink:
I saw the title for this thread and immediately thought "that's me!". I 'go dark' all the time. If it's a movie I know I'm going to see, I avoid all information, trailers, reviews, whatever. I do it for most of the Marvel movies, did it for Skyfall and the Hobbit, a few others as well.

To hammer home how dedicated I am to the practice, I even wrote an article about back in March for a comic blog: 'Media Blackout'
I wish I could but I don't have the self control to stay away from the internet. It really was great being a kid in the 80's and not really knowing anything about the film other than what was in the trailer, and the trailers back then didn't show all the great scenes like most do nowadays.

That should be my NYs resolution, stay away from spoilers for next year's films.
I've seen hundreds and hundreds of movies I didn't know the first thing about.....

First, I was alive a long time in the pre-internet days....it was real easy to not get any info about a movie. Second, I love to watch movies. I'll watch anything once, and I don't have a need to know everything about it before I watch it.
I have not gone completely dark, as in not even seeing a trailer or tv spot. But I will avoid spoilers for any movie I particularly care about. It isn't difficult.
All the time, never intentionally though.
Funny you guys mention Inception, the trailers for that were so nonsensical I basically did indeed go into that blind except for some basic plot synopsis about dream thieves or whatever. As such I had no real expectations except that it was a Christopher Nolan movie and therefore I wanted to see it. I don't know that it enhanced my perceptions of it--it's a good movie and had I seen trailers with some of the plot I don't think I'd have found it better or worse.
District 9. I had seen the teaser of the prawn being interviewed, but that doesn't really count as it doesn't give anything away. And even then, that was only because it was attached to another movie I saw. To tell you the truth, I had no interest in it and it was so under my radar until it was released and became a hit. Once the great reviews started pouring in, I went to check it out. And it was awesome.
I did it for Inception to a point (I saw the first teaser, but I did read a review that said it was a heist story in some ways). I also did it to a degree with Django. But I will never completely be in the dark.
But I will never completely be in the dark.
It's hard to do today, but possible. But I remember, from decades ago, how interesting it was to walk completely unknowing about what was to come into a theater. Sometimes the experience was great, sometimes terrible....but it was always a surprise.
Back in the 80s, you only got what the trailer showed you and damn it, you had to wait until ads started before you got anything else. Nowadays it's very hard to not get info about a movie because of all the **** plastered everywhere featuring spoiler scenes, even on movie posters. And they throw ads on every website or app you may use. And if it's a big buzz movie, you will hear about it via conversation at work or school, guaranteed.
I'll attempt going in dark about Thor 2 and Cap 2.
I've unintentionally done it for movies I didn't plan on seeing, just to pass the time. But for movies I want to see, I'll watch the trailers and find out information. Can't help it.
I was also lucky enough to be somewhat blind going into Dredd and End of Watch this year too.

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