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Jan 23, 2013
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At the very end of the Legion panel at Comic-Con, showrunner Noah Hawley broke the news that he is developing a Doctor Doom film at Fox. This expands Hawley’s involvement in the comic book universe as he takes on a movie about of the biggest villain in the Marvel universe.

Not much information was given about the movie considering Hawley said it at the very tail-end of the panel, but the character of Doctor Doom (a.k.a. Victor Von Doom) might be best remember in the 2005 adaptation of Fantastic Four where he was played by Julian McMahon. The Fox superhero movie also starred Ioan Gruffudd, Reed Richards, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, and Michael Chiklis as Marvel’s first family.

Doctor Doom is the arch nemesis of the Fantastic Four and is a scientific genius. Known for his signature look of an iron mask and a green cloak, he has a multitude of powers including sorcery, mind transferal, superhuman strength near-indestructibility as well as energy projection and absorption.

This may be the start of a new Fantastic Four franchise, but approached via a supervillain. Fox rebooted the Fantastic Four franchise in 2015 with Josh Trank directing and Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell starring as the titular heroes with Toby Kebbell as another iteration of Doctor Doom.

*loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong sigh*
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They're really keen on keeping the rights, aren't they?
Did you just sigh at Noah Hawley? Because that would be a mistake.
If you're gonna do something with the rights, may as well put them in the hands of a great writer and director like Noah Hawley. And after Fargo and Legion, he has what it takes to create a great antagonist.
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Noah Hawley is great, the concept is disappointing. Doctor Doom without setup is incomplete.
I honestly don't see Fox doing anything good with anything remotely related to the FF.


Wait... Wrong movie but my point still stands.
This is perhaps the best way to finally get Marvel's most iconic villain the treatment the character deserves, considering the long shot of having Doom in the MCU. Mads Mikkelsen for the role!
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Dammit I want Doom back in the MCU. Fox is persistent as they get ugh.
Sure, why not. Noah has a knack for making great antagonists.
They had to get the guy behind Legion. One of the few people on the planet who would get me behind a non-MCU Doom movie.
If this is something character-driven like Logan, I'm all for it.
Well, this is one way to make me okay with Fox keeping the rights to FF. Good on a Fox for finally putting a talented filmmaker in charge of this. Yes, it's obviously an attempt to keep the rights to Marvel but my only issue with them continuing to do this wax that they put people in charge of said franchise that have no business in handling them.
I have a feeling they're going to give this a shoestring budget and let the film-makers just do whatever they want.
The bright point is that Hawley is working on it.
Mikael Persbrandt for Dr. Doom please.
In my ideal world, Daniel Day Lewis would come out of retirement to do this but there's a bigger chance that I'll have a threesome with Kate Upton and Jessica Alba.
Gotta say, it's disappointing to see how little it took for people to roll over and accept this project.

Noah Hawley is nothing special. I watched all of Legion, and it's all flash and incredibly forgettable. Every character acts and speaks the same and almost nothing happens with the plot for entire episodes. And for all the praise it got, it caused such little stir that the first thread posted in it's subforum is still on the front page. Hawley will likely create a Doom film with a few striking visuals and nothing else.
I think they're post-Secret Wars 2015-style Doom without the facial scarring or the armor.

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