Watchmen HBO Eyeing ‘Watchmen’ TV Series from Damon Lindelof

I do feel that one of the missteps the show made was making Ozymandias a crazy old man trapped on another planet for most of the run (until he comes back to help Laurie and then she has a sudden out of nowhere change of heart and turns him in, which was one of the weakest things about the ending). It would've been far better to have him still on earth running everything and being a powerful billionaire who helped rebuild the world after the alien invasion (that he staged) 30 years prior, with the looming threat of "nothing ever ends" in the background.

And the more you think about it, it doesn't make sense that Jon would've been a presence in this show. He left humanity behind. He's god. Why would he trap Adrian Vedit on a distant planet? Why would he come back to earth as a black dude? Maybe it would've been better if the show had a black scientist who recreated what Jon did and became the new Dr. Manhattan (which could've been a comment on "legacy heroes" and superhero reboots)?

Laurie arresting Veidt is so morally absolute and clean cut it is not Watchmen. I remember thinking that was weird upon first viewing. Might as well resurrect Rorschach. To me that comes off as the writers injecting their own sense of right and wrong which is never what Watchmen was about or "Well, what else are we going to do?"

In fact, that letter from Lindelof to Moore just sounds like Lindelof doesn't even get why Moore is so resentful of it all. He seems to characterize him in a superficial grumpy old man way that pop culture has without really examining why which is pretty just. I like Lindelof and all, but an adult man should know better instead of coming off like Wayne's World groveling. He sounds more like a man trying to secure approval from a father figure. It's pathetic and embarrassing. If the guy doesn't understand Moore, makes one skeptical he even understands the text. In hindsight, it's another reductive understanding of the material like the other adaptations, despite it being good. Kind of like V for Vendetta.

This show just uses Watchmen things as a means to tell its own story. I don't usually mind that, like the new Halloween movie. But Halloween Ends actually stayed true to the themes of the original. Aside from the ethical considerations of even continuing Watchmen, which should not be done, if you're doing it anyway like this show did, do that at least!
I love the show and Lindelof, but we’re now decades into Moore’s feelings on the matter being quite clear. No letter was ever going to turn him around. Even if it was just him trying to be as respectful as possible, he should’ve known how Moore would take it.

It is a shame that more than a couple of Lindelof’s heroes have kind of been *******s to him, though. Moore was out ****-talking LOST long before this show was even a thing, GRRM was adamant that any finale of Game of Thrones/ASOIAF not “pull a LOST.” (Guess karma got him in the end, but still…)
Being dragged is like Lindelof's karma, for the cloying, self-deprecating letters he writes. It often comes off as someone desperate to be liked and validated. The legacy of Lost has cast a long shadow. Martin must regret those ending comments by now.
So, hypothetically.... if a Dr. Manhattan type of character was able to win the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars for the U.S. and or stop 9/11 from happening, would George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and the GOP be able to use that to keep W in office past two terms like Nixon did with Vietnam in the Watchmen graphic novel? What would our world today look like if that happened?

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