Heads Up! New Character Spots Premiering Today!

PhoenixRising said:
Knowing Fox, they will have one for Magneto and stuff Jean in a little box in a storage room behind the office christmas party decorations from last year. :mad:

You sound....bitter. :o
I think the next one will definately be Phoenix.
Magneto for the next one, Phoneix is going to be the last one they show.
I could be mistaken, im just now catching up with alot.
I would guess Angel, but 3/4 of his scenes have already been shown. :( :p
The Original Bamfer said:
Mystiqu!? Over Phoenix or Magneto? Wow...

I want a Cyke one so bad..!

Yeah exactly wow...:eek:
give us a phoenix or a Rogue one....damn you foxx :p
I want to see a Cyke or Phoenix one or a shadowcat one.
ginny_weasley said:
Wow, Mystique is just so much cooler than that clip made her seem...

:confused: That clip made her out to be cool and vicious imo!
Storm22 said:
:confused: That clip made her out to be cool and vicious imo!

You're right. I think I just phrased my comment wrong...The footage was great: I love that stuff with her taking out the dudes in cell. I just didn't like the way it was put together: it wasn't particularly exciting or interesting.
-stomps his feet- NO! LOWER THE RAMP! ... er.. DAMN. It should have been Jean's Spot! Not Mystique! WHY!?!:mad:

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