Hell Fest (2018 slasher) coming at the end of this month


Jul 13, 2011
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NOW this is the TRUE Halloween horror film event of the year! Screw Halloween 2018 because to me that franchise is dead already and needs to be buried from film in favor of new horror icons and new franchises.

This looks like a fun modern slasher film that feels like a breath of fresh air and a potential to spawn a franchise even make a fresh new horror icon, it's better than bringing dead horror franchises like Saw or Elm Street or Friday The 13th or Child's Play or Hellraiser or Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Scream or Halloween back from the dead when they need to rest in peace.

Now this should be a hit among horror fans who want something new and fresh! a true slasher comeback to the mainstream and should be a word of mouth to have horror fans see this one.
Can't I be excited for this AND Halloween '18? I'm too tired to take a stand.
Saw it yesterday.

It was great right until the disappointing ending.

Has some great gruesome death scenes, some intense scenes.

Normally, most horror movies now, they don't show the exact death of the characters. They normally just cut away when the character is about to be killed. So you have to rely on your imagination.

But this horror movie is so daring. It actually depicts and shows the actual death of some of the characters and it looks very realistic.

But the ending is a total letdown.

learn nothing much about the killer. His backstory? Why he choose to kill people at the theme park? All we know is he has a daughter and he has a collection of scary masks and he brought home a stuff toy for his daughter. That's it. But then again, sometimes it's more scary when there is no explaination given to why a serial killer kill people. Example:Michael Myers... [/spoilers]
Just watched this earlier.

I really enjoyed it; it was a lot of fun. The sets and visuals are outstanding, as seen in the trailers. The characters were standard horror fare, sometimes really annoying and other times entertaining. The killer was meh. I won't say anymore.

This kind of comes off as an instant Halloween movie that will be watched for years to come. Again, the setting is amazing. As mentioned, they went all out for a lot of the kills.

For a modern slasher, this is about 7.5/10. I liked it a lot but it had some pacing issues to me. They could have easily cut 15 minutes if not 20 and it would have been a very efficient movie. Some of the suspense was good, some was meandering. There were also too many jump scares.

Check it out, it's not exactly dumb but a fun slasher romp with great entertainment value.
I do like the “is it real or not” premise of this movie (kinda like The Game as a horror flick). The trailers made me a little apprehensive though, so I’m glad to see the positive reactions. Does Bex Taylor-Klaus have a decent-sized role in this? I’ve always liked her since her brilliant performance on The Killing.
So I went in expecting something a little different, more of a “Hell Fest is a traveling thing that does kill a few people every place it goes and hides it” or something like that. As is, it was very...generic. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, I thought the characters were fine, they didn’t drive me nuts. Tony Todd...was in this movie. 5 minutes tops.
The least interesting part was the killer. He just was the killer. The kills really didn’t utilize the location. That said, the location itself was great. The sets, the glimpses of the houses, the costumes, all were great. It made me wish it was a real haunt I could experience. Overall, I’d give it 5/10, but it seriously got me into the Halloween spirit.
I saw this today. I thought it was fairly good for a low budget horror.

When you hear the news, the announcer said there was 4 confirmed dead, not 5. So, I figure the first girl in the striped shirt and the guy killed with the wooden hammer and the guy killed with the needle are the 3 sure kills, that leaves the last guy and the spunky girl who was almost guillotined who were stabbed seconds apart and I'm guessing 1 of them might have survived. I lean towards the girl, she had a single stab wound in the gut which could be survivable, while the guy was stabbed in the chest
I saw this and had fun with it, at least it's trying something different for the horro rgenre and having slashers that are their own movie in the mainstream rather than bringing something back from the dead.
Can't I be excited for this AND Halloween '18? I'm too tired to take a stand.

You can. Hordakfan has been spamming in the Halloween and horror threads about old franchises being brought back.

C.Lee has warned him about it.
Oh yeah! Just in time for Halloween, a good ol' slasher film! This could have been right outta the 80s, in fact I want to say I saw a film similar to this in the 80s. Anyway, wasn't the best thing I've ever seen, but I didn't hate it. Lacked any semblance of character development, had a so-so plot, but who cares? Great overall funhouse type of film, liked a couple of the kills (thought they didn't go over the top enough IMO, which would have made the film even more fun), but they really did a good job with the props and the mazes, and amping up the tension in the final. Even has sequel potential. Enjoyed it.


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