The Dark Knight Rises Help on collecting footage from Batman trilogy for video compilation


Oct 3, 2009
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Hey guys, I'm trying to make a great little compilation video of Nolan's Dark Knight saga (I'm sure you've seen tons by different people on YouTube) using all of the villains for this cool idea I have. Just trying to make a badass intense bad-guy motivated ''fan'' video using a bunch of quotes/clips.

But how does one gather clips from a movie to use to edit? I know I can download trailers and tv spots to use, but that only gives me so little to work with. Any of you guys know some great ways to get possibly entire movies to use for this kind of thing? Is it best to simply download it from a torrent or something and cut clips from that? I'm not asking for links to bootlegs/download websites, just ideas.

I tried importing in a feature length downloaded video into my Final Cut Pro bin once and it kept freezing on me whenever I would skim through the film to see what I wanted to use, perhaps the file was too large or it was just not the ideal type of file.

Any ideas out there from frequent editors? I use Adobe Premiere.
I myself use movie clips all the time for my own online movie review show. I use Roxio Creator 2011 Edition which includes a video capture feature. Many versions of this software include a special cord with a USB plug on one end and a the three-pronged RCA video hook-up on the other end. It's mostly meant for VCRs so you can digitize VHS tapes, but it will also work with DVD and Blu-Ray players. You can hook up your player to your computer with this cable and use the software to capture the footage to AVI video files and edit them easily in Premiere, which is what I use as well. Here's a link to that cable.
That sounds incredible, did you have to pay for Roxio Creator? Thanks a lot.

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