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Mar 4, 2012
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Hey guys,

Since the holidays are drawing near, I wanted to ask your opinion about the Marvel comics versions of Stephen Kings The Stand and The Dark Tower.
I am a big comicbook reader and also like Kings novels (I have only read the Stand, not Dark Tower yet). Since both of them are available as really nice Omnibus editions, I wanted to ask which one would be the better buy. Are those straight up adaptations of the novels? Are they good, or should I skip them?
If they are good, which one was the better book?
I would really like some opinions that are a bit deeper than just "meh" or something like that. Thanks.
I've only read the adaptation of Wizard and Glass (well, it was an adaptation of the whole flashback part that Roland tells in the book), it was pretty good and certainly accurate to what occurred in the novel. Beyond that I cannot say.

To me though I didn't really feel like it added anything "new" for me. That would probably be a reason to read the ones set during the Fall of Gilead and so on, since the books did not really go into detail with those--the comic books are trying to cover everything between Wizard and Glass and the modern day, so there is a series based on the Battle of Jericho Hill and so on.

If you have not read the Dark Tower yet, though, I can tell you that The Gunslinger Born series or whatever is perfectly fine to read on its own as it is a pretty self-contained tale.
I've read the Dark Tower ones but not the stand. I'd actually disagree with Baramos, Wizard & Glass was my favorite book but the comic adaptation of it (which comes first in the comic series) is a decent companion piece but lacks the detail,depth, power and emotion in the book. However after that they delve into stuff not in the books, and then start adaptating the books almost page for page so it becomes more worthwhile as a standalone bit.

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