Superman Returns Here It Is The Trailer!

musclesforsupes said:
Again those look WONDERFUL and I believe the film will look Magestic on the big screen but that script......*frowns*

you're upset about the script/movie because one person said they thought it was ok, just had problems with a couple of the decisions on a website that for the most part is completely worthless?

screw that... some people didn't like spider-man 2. it's my favorite movie. I'm so positive about superman, no one is gonna ruin that except me.
Let's be honest everyone. The thing that really makes the trailer is the Williams' score.

It's like the Star Wars themes. Everytime you hear it, it just gets you going. It's the same with Superman's. The themes, especially the main one, just makes you get that feeling in your stomach.

This is why this is a good trailer. It does it's job, very well.

PS, has the HD versions up now.
Fatboy Roberts said:
yeah, you continuing to ask that is making it come faster. Chill. Hunter said he's working on it. You're obviously refreshing ever 10 seconds, so I'm sure you'll see it when he posts it.

Does that mean you know where the windows media trailer is? :eek:
hunter rider said:
Agreed the cinematography is beautiful:up:

Hurry please :)
Fatboy Roberts said:
LOL. The link is in the thread man. Just read it :)

Also to be noted--I believe the entirety of Routh's dialog is THREE LINES. Two of them as clark, and one of them being one word. I don't think too many people are noticing that :)
I noticed as well, but that doesn't mean he's terrible or anything. I can already see this as being the new argument that Routh sucks or whatever. I remember a lot of people not trusting Singer when he cast a handsome, 6 foot Aussie as an ugly, 5 foot Canadian.;)
Decent trailer, hopefully the movie wont be that campy.

I do not like this image. Something looks too 3D about it.
Just post the link to dl it to my computer, please.
I'd like to know if the kid is wearing plaid. lol Like father like son, I suppose.

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