Heroes Face Off: Round 6 Nathan Petrelli VS Matt Parkman VS The Haitian


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Sep 30, 2007
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Well since this place will be pretty dead until the new season starts, I thought a face off game might liven things up, there is no strict rule on how you should decide who to vote for, it could be who you think would win in a fight or merely your favourite character, so the Face Off's are as follows...

Round 1: Peter Petrelli VS Hiro Nakamura - Winner Peter Petrelli.
Round 2: Sylar VS Adam Monroe - Winner Sylar
Round 3: Noah Bennet VS Mohinder Suresh VS Ando Masahashi - Winner Noah Bennet
Round 4: Maya Herrera and Alejandro Herrera VS Niki Sanders and DL Hawkins - Winner Niki Sanders and DL Hawkins
Round 5: Claire Bennet VS Monica Dawson VS Elle Bishop - Winner Elle Bishop
Round 6: Nathan Petrelli VS Matt Parkman VS The Haitian - Winner The Haitian
Round 7: Micah Sanders VS Molly Walker
Round 8: Isaac Mendez VS Simone Deveaux VS Eden McCain VS Candice Wilmer
Round 9: Daniel Linderman VS Bob Bishop VS Angela Petrelli VS Kaito Nakamura VS Maury Parkman VS Charles Deveaux
Round 10: Peter Petrelli VS Round Sylar VS Noah Bennet
Round 11: Round 4 Winners VS Round 5 Winner VS Round 6 Winner
Round 12: Round 7 Winner VS Round 8 Winner VS Round 9 Winner
Round 13 (Final): Round 10 Winner VS Round 11 Winner VS Round 12 Winner

We will be working in week long cycles.

Nathan Petrelli



Matt Parkman



The Haitian


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I shall go with the Haitian. Lock down their powers and just kick their butts. Though I could see Matt being a problem.
Doesn't the Haitian just have to zap their powers and grab a gun?
Definitely the Hatian sensation.
Winner: The Haitian


We'll being seeing him back in Round 11 so be sure to join us for the next Heroes Face Off!


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