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Discussion in 'PC' started by Raiden, Apr 24, 2017.

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    I just did a search on this forum and was surprised to see no threads for HOTS, Blizzard's MOBA that is about 2 years old.

    On April 25th, Blizzard will be introducing Heroes of the Storm 2.0, the biggest change to the game since its Beta phase. It will have a loot box system, similar to Overwatch's, and 3 different currency within the game for you to purchase heroes and other cosmetic items. It will also have a brand new map called Hanamura, the game's first map based on Overwatch, plus a new hero Genji to be launched alongside it.

    For new and returning players, they will give away a free Mega Bundle, which you can purchase with 100 gems on April 25th (100 gems will be free as well). You can only pick from one of 4 bundles, but each bundle contains 20 heroes and considering the fact that they will be absolutely free, you cannot beat this deal. But keep in mind that this deal will expire on May 22nd so you better log in before then to obtain this bundle.

    Anyway, I do hope players will give this game another chance. I've been playing it since last November and imo it's one of the best games of any genre that I've ever played. And if you were a Blizzard gamer since the 90s, it's hard not to feel nostalgic while playing HOTS and remembering all the great titles Blizzard had published, past and present.
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    I messed around with it some not long after it came out. I really enjoyed it, but I just fell off it for some reason.

    I was planning on maybe getting back into it with 2.0 but completely forgot about it, glad you reminded me.
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    HotS has been my main game since its beta (over 3500 games and 512 total hero level). I like the gameplay better than other MOBA's like LoL (never got into it anyway). I played some Dota2 and quite a lot of HoN back in the days.

    While I mainly play Versus AI (Elite), I do some PVP here and there. Sorry, but the toxic level in these games are still high for my taste. I did finish Silver in TL and Gold in HL after my placement games last season, though. The brawls are quite fun too.

    Can't wait to get home today to open my chests. :woot:

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