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The Walking Dead Hershel Greene: This is my thread. I will die here.


Ancient but wise
Jul 8, 2004
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He has obviously taken the spot of [blackout]Dale[/blackout] from the comics. I hope he stays a long while as he is one of my favorite characters but I don't see him [blackout]doing the nasty with Andrea.[/blackout]
This might be a dumb question, but is the actor missing a leg in real life? I'm usually quite anal about looking for the tell-tale signs of special effects work (ie: Merle's "stump" of an arm being just as long as his other arm with hand bugs the crap out of me), but there were several shots of Hershcel's leg the last two episodes that I was really impressed with (ie watching Hershel walk with the crutches). I'm just curious since there seems to be a big difference in the amount of effort their putting into the missing limbs for those two characters.
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70? Damn, I wouldn't have pegged him for a day older than 60. Dude has aged extremely well.
I was making a comment to a friend last nite how Scott needed to adjust his gait somewhat and let his right side droop somewhat to really show how bad it is losing a leg. Besides that minor complaint, the shots of it looked damn good. It actually was hard to tell if it was real or fake
My grandfather lost his legs at seperate instances, so his qait seemed fine to me (at this point Hershel would still be feeling like the leg is there and theres lots of muscle cramping from the brain trying to "find" the missing muscles), and you're trying to compensate for the uneven weight distribution - but then again I was more focused on actually looking at the leg itself, the way the pants hung empty and such, trying to find a misplaced fold or shadow.

I've been very impressed with the quality of effects (both practical and CG) on this show. I recently saw a behind the scenes segment where they showed how the like to go back and add CGI walkers to shots - you wouldn't have any idea they were CG unless you were actively looking for it.
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Speaking of age...You know who is 70 and looks good

Yeah, that ones hard to believe. Just adds credence to all those Norris facts. lol!
I just adore Herschel, and the actor seemed so endearing when he was on "Talking Dead".
I wonder if Hershel still has his magic shotgun.
Hershel's magic shotgun with it's infinite rounds of ammo is legend!
I can see Herschel uttering the line "This is our prison. We found it. And I'll die here protecting it." as he's shooting at the Governor, his goons and some walkers as each approach the main gate. The problem is it'll be tough for him to do all that standing on one leg. He'd have to shoot from the watchtower, but I wouldn't mind seeing Herschel pulling out his shotgun again ready to take names. It's just doubtful that we'll get another moment like that due to the character's circumstances.
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Figured Hershel needed his own thread seeing as how he's the only character that ever seems to undergo any kind of physical change in the show.

He's gone from the Bible-thumping grumpy old Farmer who'll "shoot ya" if ya touch his daughters, to a Grateful Dead roadie on crutches in the span of one season.

Mess with him, and he'll stop you with his crutch. At least until you put up the slightest argument, then he'll just let you run full steam towards the screams coming from the other end of the prison.
****, how did I miss that?

EDIT: dammit, I did a search, but you spelled the man's damn name wrong :mad:

Your thread should be closed due to such a travesty and blatant disrespect towards the one-legged Santa ;)
Both are good. But which one will be like Hershel's left leg and last???

Also how do you spell his name?
I hope Hershel survives this season... Something tells me he won't, though.

I wonder how much his character would change if one of his daughters were to die.
Something did bug me, Herschel says his grandfather came from Ireland. So, how can the farm have been in his family for 160 years?

Writers need to work on their math.
Hershel is 70+ his father is 30 years older+his grandfather is 30 years older than that=130. His father and grandfather could have been older than him when they had him. Also they could have each owned the farm from 20-50 or 30-60 etc.

It's possible.
So his grandfather started the farm when he was 0 years old?

Furthermore, I'd say Herschel is about 60, not 70. And no one becomes a grandfather at 100. Don't defend bad math. It's a minor screw-up, but still a screw-up.
Well the actor himself is 70 so it wouldn't be inaccurate to say he is 70+.

Yeah let's say his grandfather was 5 years old when he came to the US (with his Parents) and he had Hershel's father when he was 50, and Hershel's father had Hershel when he was 45. Then we would be looking at a correct timeline. (45+45+70)

The only other way would be if another part of Hershel's family owned the farm before his grandfather came to the US.

It is bad math, but not impossible.

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