High Fives on the Simpsons?


Monkey Boy
Nov 23, 2005
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Can anyone find any screen caps or pics of any two characters from the Simpsons high fiving each other?
It could be Lenny and Carl, Bart and Millhouse, Homer and Mr. Burns.

I am in need of them for comic book pages I am working on, Simpsons comic pages, that have them high fiving.
High Fiving on the Simpsons, I have noticed, is a very unique thing. They have a certain way of doing it, but it is just such a random and small thing that I have not been able to find pics online or on any recent episodes.

If anyone has any pics they could share with me I would be really thankful.

And I will post my finished Simpson pages when I am done.
wouldn't it be "High Fours"

Thank you for your picture. And I guess it would be High Fours.
I was actually thinking of something more along these lines:




But the Simpsons have a specific way to animate their high fives. There, I think, is a certain way they do it.
Like they stay facing forward by one high fives with the right hand while the other high fives with their right hand as well. I am not sure, but I think it is distinct.
I totally got it, and I thought it was very funny.

What I just got was that you posted the picture to show they only had four fingers and not five.
I thought you were giving me an example of a high five.
But I got it now.:p

What I need is screen captures i guess. Does anyone have them or know where I can find them?
I just finished my Simpsons comic pages, you can check them out at my art thread (link is posted at the bottom of my comments)
I wasn't sure how to do the High Five in a simpsonised way but I think what I got is good.

I hope you all enjoy them.
just watch an episode of youtube or on dvd then take a screen shot
andy samberg should throw himself off a ****ing cliff.

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