High School Valedictorian denied diploma because of graduation speech.


Jan 24, 2010
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Kaitlin Nootbaar graduated her Oklahoma high school as valedictorian, and she’s gearing up to start college on a full scholarship. Yet she still doesn’t have her high school diploma.

What the hell?

During her graduation speech at Prague High School in May, Kaitlin dropped an innocuous H-bomb, and the school wants her to apologize, KFOR-TV reported.

“Her quote was, when she first started school she wanted to be a nurse, then a veterinarian and now that she was getting closer to graduation people would ask her ‘what do you want to do?’” Kaitlin’s father David explained. “And she said, ‘How the hell do I know? I’ve changed my mind so many times.”

Kaitlin borrowed the joke from the “Twilight” movie “Eclipse.” Her dad said she wrote “heck” in her speech, but said “hell” – to laughter and applause from her graduating classmates.

But when Nootbaar and his daughter went to the school this week to pick up her certificate, he told KFOR, “the principal said ‘Your diploma is right here but you’re not getting it. Close the door, we have a problem.”

The problem was the word “hell,” and the principal demanded an apology letter before he would hand over Kaitlin’s diploma.

Kaitlin believes she did nothing wrong and doesn’t plan to apologize.
“She earned that diploma,” her dad fumed. “She completed all the state curriculum. In four years she has never made a B. She got straight A’s and had a 4.0 the whole way through.”

Prague High School declined to comment, telling the Daily News the issue was confidential and no one was allowed to address it.

(Sorry if this was already posted. I see that it's yesterday's news, but I didn't see a thread for it.)

God dammit, Ohio. Just....GOD DAMMIT.
She said "Hell"? Seriously? What the ****? "Hell" really isn't a bad word, is it?
yet there are people out there who want the bible taught in school, doesn't that word pop up quite a bit there?
Or maybe the Principal should stop being a big baby and give her the diploma already.
That's what she gets for using a quote out of Twilight. :o

In all seriousness though, this is incredibly dumb.
I'm really not shocked by anything anymore. People are dumb and the world is in the toilet. There ya go.
The people in charge at the school should get off their high horse & just give him his/her diploma. :whatever:
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attorneys are being consulted and papers are being filed at this moment, no doubt...

in the end, the ***** principal and school will cave...

absolutely no doubt...
This is one instance where I feel the lawsuit would not be frivolous. That's an unlawful act I'm sure. They can't win that unless they're like some Dukes of Hazzard county where Boss Hogg runs the court.
Though she only verbally dropped an "h-bomb", someone should literally drop a real H-Bomb on that principle. Eradicate that dinosaur.
I'm so sick and tired of people being offended by words. It's just a word, does it really make your ears bleed and ache??!
Omgosh, just say you're freaking sorry and get your diploma. But I guess you want the national news attention, talk show appearances, and maybe that book deal you've always dreamed of. :whatever:
People are so uptight. It's not like she dropped the c-word. :o
Public school officials in the US are probably among the more incompetent, especially the administration. They waste tons of time trying to worry about things like this that don't matter because they are afraid of fraying from the rules because they have such a limited government budget and are afraid of lawsuits from someone being offended by language like that. It's truly pathetic.
Religion at it's finest!

*rereads article*

Ehh? The principal seems to be the type of person with delicate sensibilities who hates profanity, but I've encountered people like that whose opinion had nothing to do with religion. A couple of English teachers come to mind, in fact.
This just about tops the story about the kid who was suspended when he went to a prom at another school because they had dancing and rock music.
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